Nobodies: After Death Mission 1 Walkthrough

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Here is another walkthrough for you on Nobodies – After Death starting with mission 1 because I know how much you love puzzle adventure games.

This mission is not very hard to do, but it’s required to get you used to the game-play and how things work here.

If you have trouble with it and are not sure how to pass this first mission of Nobodies – After Death, you need to follow my steps and we’ll get to the next mission together.

Nobodies – After Death Walkthrough Mission 1 – Operation Drill Bit

Nobodies - After Death Mission 1 Walkthrough

Mission Goal: Dispose of the body such that it cannot possibly be discovered, without casualties.

The tutorial is pretty straightforward as it points out exactly what you need to do, so just follow those instructions.

  • Pick up the crowbar.
  • Open the inventory in the upper right corner to see where the crowbar went.
  • Click on it and use it to open up the barrel.
  • Pick up the body off the ground.
  • Open up your inventory again to take the body from there and put it in the barrel.
  • Pick up the barrel with the dead body and the concrete block off the ground.
  • Open your inventory and drag the concrete block over the barrel.
  • Now select the barrel and throw it in the water.

You’ll receive another message that tells you the scene must look undisturbed.

  • Open your inventory, pick the crowbar, and put it back on the ground.
  • Now you can click on the Finish the mission button.

Even though I’m sure you won’t need it, I made a video for you to see how the game works.


Don’t be too bummed about how easy the first Nobodies After Death mission was, it’s going to get a lot harder with every operation from now on.

I’m looking forward to the next mission of Nobodies – After Death, so come again soon to find my next walkthrough for Nobodies – After Death mission 2 operation Quagmire. It’s going to be fun.

Whenever you stumble and can’t find any clues, I’ll be right here with more walkthroughs to help you out.


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