Nobodies: After Death Mission 2 Walkthrough

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Mission 2 walkthrough for Nobodies: After Death is here to help you in case you get stuck. Follow all the steps of this walkthrough so you can pass this mission as quickly as you finished the first.

As I showed you in Nobodies – After Death mission 1 walkthrough, the clues to solve these missions are easy to find if you know what you’re looking for.

Follow this step-by-step walkthrough for Nobodies After Death mission 2 – Operation Quagmire and you’ll fully complete the mission without any problem.

Nobodies – After Death Walkthrough Mission 2 – Operation Quagmire

Nobodies - After Death Mission 2 Walkthrough Room
  • Pick up the fishing rod on the left and the mop next to the fireplace.
  • Click the down arrow on the screen to go outside.
Nobodies - After Death Mission 2 Walkthrough Outside
  • Take the wheelbarrow and go inside again.
  • Put the dead body in the wheelbarrow.
  • Use the mop to clean up the blood.
  • Go outside and give the dead body to the crocs.
  • Take the bloody mop and clean it in the water outside.
  • Use the fishing rod to get the clothes that are left after the crocs eat the body.
  • Put the wheelbarrow back in the grass where you found it.
  • Go inside and put the clothes in the fire to get rid of the evidence.
  • Put the mop back in its place by the fireplace.
  • And the fishing rod back too.
  • Tap the Finish the mission button to wrap it up.

Here is a video walkthrough of what I did to finish up the mission. Hope that helps as well.


You can see how the missions are starting to get just a little bit more interesting, and the story is fun to witness as well.

I assume that, just like me, you can’t wait to play more of these Nobodies – After Death missions. I’ll be ready with my next walkthrough for Mission 3 – Operation Roadkill as soon as I can.

See you back here with my next walkthrough so we can solve this adventure game together and watch the story unfold.


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