MixTwo Answers: Level 1 Answers

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MixTwo is an amazing word guessing game that really puts your mind to test. It expands the incredible concept of games like 4 Pics 1 Word and brings a new twist into play: you have two words that you have to “mix” together to find the answer. For example, mixing a cat with stripes gives you Tiger. And so on (it actually is a lot more fun and simple in theory than it looks like).

If you are having problems finding the words in MixTwo, I have the MixTwo answers ready in this article to simplify your job. So search no more as below are all the MixTwo answers for level 1 (all 10 puzzles!)

1. Cat + Stripes = Tiger

mixtwo level 1 answer 1

2. Flower + Bee = Honey

mixtwo level 1 answer 2

3. Sun + Moon = Eclipse

mixtwo level 1 answer 3

4. Red + Blue = Purple

mixtwo level 1 answer 4

5. Hat + Rabbit = Magic

mixtwo level 1 answer 5

6. Rain + Freezing = Snow

mixtwo level 1 answer 6

7. Water + Fire = Steam

mixtwo level 1 answer 7

8. Convict + Plans = Escape

mixtwo level 1 answer 8

9. Numbers + House = Address

mixtwo level 1 answer 9

10. Clothes + Dirt = Laundry

mixtwo level 1 answer 10

A brilliant puzzle game that I got to love in the past few days and which gets more and more difficult as you advance through the levels. I will be here soon with the answers for Level 2 of MixTwo and hopefully with all the levels if I managet to complete it!


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