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Casually flicking through the app store I stumbled upon a game called Game Dev Story, hey, this could be interesting.

I bought and downloaded the app and bam! With terrible graphics, barely any tutorial or intro, and strange controls and design, I clicked the home button and didn’t touch it again for a week.

A few days ago, I gave it a second chance and I’m glad I did, Game Dev Story is an amazing game in concept and gameplay. Whilst not an all-around star, Kairosoft has definitely packed a punch into this one.

The game starts you off with the beginnings of a Game Development company and the rest is up to you, choose between quality or speed, innovation or simplicity, your products are customized to your own ethics and standards.

There are endless possibilities as to how you want to direct your company as you pick and choose your employees, train their skills and direct their work attention.

Your company can at first employ 4 workers but this number can be increased as you progress, each of your workers have 4 individual traits which determine how well they work.

Sound engineers develop ‘sound points’ better and faster, coders contribute to the general making of the game, artists make graphics and writers help to make the game fun.

This game has so many elements, your workers all develop in different ways, your fan base ages, decreases, and increases, your games can sell to completely different ends of the spectrum and it might even make it into the hall of fame.

If it makes it that far, you can even develop a sequel to it, a nice feature that gives you a great sense of achievement. YOUR product, the thing that YOU made is selling, not a few pixels on the screen, but your own piece of art. 

4 factors in the making of the game affect its general quality, sound, fun, graphics, and creativity.

Your decisions as CEO allow you to improve these factors, you might want a musically sound game, with a little less time spent on graphics. You can also spend money on boosts, giving a certain aspect a well-needed kick-start; or maybe some extra polish.

That’s what the game is essentially about, decisions, decisions, and decisions. It really feels like what I believe game Dev could be like, tough and cruel, but with exciting moments as you prevail your very own video games to the virtual world.

There’s plenty of other features, too many to cover them all, but this game is downright amazing.

A great business model (No god be damned in-app purchases), great fun, and an amazing game.

Kairosoft has certainly earnt my trust with this one, an overall sense of meta-humour overcomes me with this quirky little piece of game making, whilst playing a game. A must-try, ignore the price tag and hit that purchase button!


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  1. Ditto #22, 10.8.2 seems to have borked it. I get the baoveihr click on slider, password prompt, beachball, redraw slider, still off that others have seen. Crucial M4 256MB. Late 2011 15 .


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