MixTwo Cheats: Level 2 Answers

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It’s not good to cheat when playing games, but sometimes you have no other option. The same can be said about the brilliant MixTwo app for iPhone and iPad which is really difficult sometimes to understand and beat. And if you don’t have a bunch of friends to brainstorm with and find the answers, App Amped is here to help with the MixTwo answers, this time for level 2 of the game.

You can find more MixTwo cheats with the Mixtwo Level 1 answers that we posted earlier and you should stay tuned with us as I plan to write the walkthrough for all the levels of this amazing game. Until then, let’s see the MixTwo answers for level 2 below!

1. Unbalanced + Counterweight = Balance

mixtwo answers level 2 1

2. Mountain + Fire = Volcano

mixtwo answers level 2 2

3. Airplane + Parking spaces = Airport

mixtwo answers level 2 3

4. King + House = Castle (forgot to take a screenshot, sorry!)

5. Horse + Horn = Unicorn

mixtwo answers level 2 5

6. Girl hiking + Fire = Camping

mixtwo answers level 2 6

7. Water + Dirt = Mud

mixtwo answers level 2 7

8. Electrical wires + Storage bins = Battery

mixtwo answers level 2 8

9. Driving + Cocktail = Felony

mixtwo answers level 2 9

10. Vehicle + Water hose = Firetruck

mixtwo answers level 2 10

There were some difficult words to guess in this level, and things will only get more and more difficult as we proceed, but that’s all the fun of the game!


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