Logicross: Crossword Puzzle Answers Level 7 – Level 12

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These are the answers you were looking for Logicross Level 7 to Level 12, just to get you started, even if the first few levels are not hard.

This is a letter puzzle game, that combines the genres of word search, word game, brain teaser, and cross-logic puzzles into a single game.

Logicross Level 7 Answers

Clue words:

  • Chat GPT: AI
  • _ Man, Tony Stark: IRON
  • Hearing organ: EAR
  • Gardening tool: HOE
  • High quality: FINE
  • Waterfall from clouds: RAIN

Answer: Hair on fire

Logicross Level 8 Answers

Clue words:

  • _ Smith, slapping actor: WILL
  • Less than average: LOW
  • A wild member of the dog family: WOLF
  • Has a good body: FIT
  • Norse god: THOR
  • Colorful part of plants: FLOWER

Answer: The Eiffel Tower

Logicross Level 9 Answers

Clue words:

  • Rest here: INN
  • Between shoulder and hand: ARM
  • Doing something: ACT
  • Capital of Italy: ROME
  • _ Grande, pop singer: ARIANA
  • Love affair: ROMANCE

Answer: In Ancient Rome

Logicross Level 10 Answers

Clue words:

  • _ Musk: ELON
  • Used to catch things such as fish: NET
  • It’s a construction: SITE
  • Give something without payment: GIFT
  • 1/100 of a dollar or euro: CENT
  • Not short: LONG

Answer: Signs of Intelligence

Logicross Level 11 Answers

Clue words:

  • Someone who doesn’t fear: BRAVE
  • Has 5 fingers: HAND
  • _ Downey Jr.: ROBERT
  • Suffer from lack of food: STARVE
  • Don’t feed the _ cats: STRAY
  • Narrative of events: STORY

Answer: Have been destroyed

Logicross Level 12 Answers

Clue words:

  • _ Messi: LIONEL
  • Not slow: FAST
  • United _ Service: POSTAL
  • Superman wears one: CAPE
  • Used to flavor food: SPICE
  • Young child or baby: INFANT

Answer: Species of plants

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