Logicross: Crossword Puzzle Answers Level 1 – Level 6

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Here are the answers you were looking for Logicross Level 1 to Level 6, just to get you started, even if the first few levels are not hard.

This is a letter puzzle game, that combines the genres of word search, word game, brain teaser, and cross-logic puzzles into a single game.

Logicross Level 1 Answers

Clue words:

  • Steal bars that form a railroad: RAIL
  • Opposite of cold: HOT
  • _ down on this chair, please: SIT
  • A North American country: USA

Answer: This is tutorial

Logicross Level 2 Answers

Clue words:

  • Strong affection: I _ you! – LOVE
  • Buy it _d, it’s cheaper: USE
  • Footwear: SHOE
  • Find an answer or solution: SOLVE
  • A word to greet people: HELLO
  • Enemy: FOE

Answer: House full of love

Logicross Level 3 Answers

Clue words:

  • Look! A shooting _! – STAR
  • We live on this planet: EARTH
  • Amber _ issued for a missing teen! – ALERT
  • Intelligent or clever: SMART
  • Inflict damage: HARM
  • Precious stone: GEM

Answer: Lethal as a germ

Logicross Level 4 Answers

Clue words:

  • _ Eastwood, a famous old actor: CLINT
  • Neck_, a piece of cloth: TIE
  • Feeling unwell: SICK
  • Lips touch: KISS
  • The New York _ Magazine: TIMES
  • Cheese loving vermin: MOUSE

Answer: Until sickness comes

Logicross Level 5 Answers

Clue words:

  • Matador’s enemy: BULL
  • Johnny _, aka Captain Sparrow: DEPP
  • Keeps a house safe: LOCK
  • Take legal action against someone: SUE
  • A baby’s toilet cloth: DIAPER
  • Yellow and long fruit: BANANA
  • The darkest color: BLACK

Answer: Surprised Sandra Bullock

Logicross Level 6 Answers

Clue words:

  • _ Perry, pop singer: KATY
  • Free from moisture: DRY
  • Heavy armored war vehicle: TANK
  • 7 of them in a week: DAY
  • Dirty city vermin: RAT
  • Good _ to you! – LUCK

Answer: Actually drunk

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