Logicross: Crossword Puzzle Answers Level 13 – Level 18

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These are the answers you were looking for Logicross Level 7 to Level 12, just to get you started, even if the first few levels are not hard.

This is a letter puzzle game, that combines the genres of word search, word game, brain teaser, and cross-logic puzzles into a single game.

Logicross Level 13 Answers

Clue words:

  • After 9: TEN
  • Liam _, action movie star: NEESON
  • Gives verdict in a court: JURY
  • _ Dracula: COUNT
  • Summer month: JUNE
  • Indian spice: CURRY

Answer: Just one country

Logicross Level 14 Answers

Clue words:

  • Leads the employees: BOSS
  • Biggest search engine: GOOGLE
  • _ Radcliffe, Harry Potter: DANIEL
  • A color between blue and green: TEAL
  • Open a hole in ground: DIG
  • Contract between lessor-lessee: LEASE

Answer: Stealing dead bodies

Logicross Level 15 Answers

Clue words:

  • Not in full health: ILL
  • Mark it on a calendar: DATE
  • Top part of human body: HEAD
  • Obscure yourself: HIDE
  • Fermented honey and water: MEAD
  • Small village: HAMLET

Answer: The Dalai Lama

Logicross Level 16 Answers

Clue words:

  • _ Karenina, Tolstoy’s novel: ANNA
  • Ability to do something well: SKILL
  • Opposite to thin: FAT
  • Large town: CITY
  • Capable of moving at high speed: FAST
  • _ 911 now! – CALL

Answer: Facility in Alaska

Logicross Level 17 Answers

Clue words:

  • A narrow road: LANE
  • Juicy fruit with yellow flesh: PEACH
  • The cold US state attached to Canada: ALASKA
  • Use the mind: THINK
  • Dissertation Scholarly Piece of Work: THESIS
  • Urban railway system: METRO

Answer: There is no place like home

Logicross Level 18 Answers

Clue words:

  • Fatty portion of milk: BUTTERFAT
  • Ray of light: BEAM
  • Usually cooked in a _ cooker: RICE
  • Military branch for the infantry: ARMY
  • Denoting a person that’s different from the known one: OTHER
  • Black bird with ugly voice: CROW

Answer: May the force be with you

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