Stray Cat Doors 3 Stage 1 Walkthrough

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In today’s article I’ll give you a walkthrough for Stray Cat Doors 3 Stage 1, with all the answers and steps you need to take to finish it.

Stray Cat Doors 3 is a stage-clear type adventure game where you solve mysteries alongside cute characters. Control the characters to explore the stages together, clearing traps and solving puzzles.

Stray Cat Doors 3 Stage 1 Walkthrough

  • You need to move around and find all the pieces.
  • Go to the other room and befriend the red cat to get the bell.
Stray Cat Doors 3 Walkthrough Stage 1 (1-2)
  • The lady wants ingredients to make hamburgers.
  • Use the bell on the cloudy hamburger so the cat destroys it and you can go downstairs.
Stray Cat Doors 3 Walkthrough Stage 1 (1-3)
  • Here you go to the right (her left) following the arrow.
Stray Cat Doors 3 Walkthrough Stage 1 (1-4)
  • Go up the ladder and take the tomato to move it to the spot on the floor in front of the green fruit.
  • Go to the hamburger cloud and use the bell again.
  • Take the green fruit to the big can behind the hamburger and put the tomato in its place.
  • Go to the other 4 fruits and take each one to the scale in the middle.
  • Pair each fruit with the dots on the floor that match their weight.
    • Yellow: 4
    • Orange: 1
    • Red: 3
    • Green: 2
  • Now that the door opens for you, check the box in the back and take the piece of puzzle.
  • Also take a tomato from the plant to your right.
  • You can move over to the other area (1-3)
  • Then go over (where the cow drawing is) to that area (1-7)
Stray Cat Doors 3 Walkthrough Stage 1 (1-7)
  • Help the mice make the stairs out of the blocks.
Stray Cat Doors 3 Walkthrough Stage 1 (1-7) puzzle
  • Give each mouse the piece they need.
    • 1st mouse: orange Z shaped piece.
    • 2nd mouse: blue L shaped piece.
    • 3rd mouse: white 3 cubes corner piece.
    • 4th mouse: green 3 cubes corner piece.
    • 5th mouse: red single cube piece.
  • Now they will be able to build the stairs and you can go to the box at the top.
  • Talk to the mouse and take the cheese.
  • Take the puzzle piece from inside.
  • As you go back down you should twist the can key to form another set of stairs.
  • Use the bell on the cloud and move to the next area (1-8) to get some coins.
  • From here you can go to the other area (1-9)
  • Now you can reach the (1-3) area from the other side.
  • After you talk to the baker you can go to the (1-7) to wake up the sleeping cat with the bell.
  • Take the green button and go to the baker again (1-3)
  • Go to the lever and put the green button here.
  • Look at the paws on the ground and press the red and green button in the same pattern:
    • green – red – red – green – red – green – green – green
  • Now the veggies can go to the soup bath and you can get to the box and take the puzzle piece
  • Go back to (1-9) area and get up the stage.
  • Look at the clue and move the cubes so the whole cabbage turns red.
Stray Cat Doors 3 Walkthrough Stage 1 (1-9) puzzle
  • Go wake up the sleeping cat man.
  • Now take the green cube and put it wherever you want on the puzzle to turn it green.
  • Take the cabbage to your inventory.
  • Now go to the bakery (1-3) to talk to the baker and get some buns.
  • Go back to the (1-2) area and give the lady the ingredients one by one:
    • cheese – tomato – cabbage – buns
  • She’ll give you a photo of a hamburger.
  • Go to the (1-5) area and enter the same pattern as the hamburger:
    • bun – meat patty – tomato – cabbage – cheese – meat patty – bun
  • Now that the way is free you can go to (1-6) area and get an apple.
  • Go back to the lady at (1-2) to give her the apple.
  • Go to the box and take the last puzzle piece.
  • Go back to (1-1) and put all the pieces in the door to finish the level.

It is a cute game and with each stage you get to do more tasks and solve more clues. I enjoy the story and the design as well.

See you back here for my next article for Stray Cat Doors 3 walkthrough, whenever I’ll get it ready for you.


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