50 Tiny Room Escape Walkthrough Level 26

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Here I am with another walkthrough for 50 Tiny Room Escape, with all the clues for Level 26 to help Richard escape and solve all the puzzles.

In my last walkthrough for 50 Tiny Room Escape level 25, we helped Richard in another locked room, so now we need to keep going until he reaches his last door as well.

Follow my walkthrough below to help him get out and open the door to this room.

50 Tiny Room Escape Level 26 Wild West – Walkthrough

50 Tiny Room Escape Walkthrough Level 26
  • Look at the hat on the table and take the bullet on the side.
  • Take the candle from the piano.
  • Under the chair at the other table, there’s a handle.
  • Turn around the room and go to the cabinet under the safe.
  • Check the right drawer and get another bullet from the bullet case.
  • Take a good look at the bottles at the bar.
  • Count each group and remember their position on the racks.
    • 1st – bottom left
    • 2nd – top left
    • 3rd – top middle
    • 4th – bottom right
    • 5th – bottom middle
    • 6th – top right
  • Put the handle on the barrel that’s missing one and turn each handle in the order of the bottles as I mentioned above.
  • Take the coin from the opened barrel.
  • Go to the piano, after you read the sign on the wall under the hanging hat.
  • It says Melody #4 was Big Bob’s favorite.
  • Look at the keys as the melody plays and you’ll find a code: 246264
  • Go at the registry and enter that code to find a gun.
  • There’s a drawing of a gun to teach you how to take the barrel of the gun.
  • Put the other two bullets in the right spots (notice the scratches)
  • Go to the safe and turn it according to the signs on the bullets:
    • 1 time right to 10
    • 3 times to the left to 50
    • 4 times to the right to 20
    • 5 times to the left to 40.
  • Tap on the left side of the screen when you want to go left and on the right for right.
  • Take the dynamite and put it on the Exit door.
  • Now light it up with the candle and it will open the door for you.

Check out my full walkthrough video of 50 Tiny Room Escape Level 26:

Next stop we’ll meet on the walkthrough for Level 27 on 50 Tiny Room. Room by room, puzzle by puzzle, we’ll need to free him and help him reach the last level.


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