50 Tiny Room Escape Walkthrough Level 25

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Welcome back for another walkthrough for 50 Tiny Room Escape, here are all the clues for Level 25 to help Richard escape and solve all the puzzles.

In my last walkthrough for 50 Tiny Room Escape level 24, we helped Richard in another locked room, so now we need to keep going until he reaches his last door as well.

Follow my walkthrough below to help him get out and open the door to this room.

50 Tiny Room Escape Level 25 Fright – Walkthrough

50 Tiny Room Escape Walkthrough Level 25 Richard
  • Look at the pumpkin in the right corner of the room, his left eye is black.
  • Now look at the pumpkin on the desk, to the right of the other pumpkin (as the arrow points) its mouth is black.
  • The pumpkin by the window has its nose black.
  • The pumpkin outside the window has his left eye black.
  • The pumpkin under the glass cabinet has the right eye black.
  • Now press the button on the drawer above this last pumpkin in this order:
    • top left button
    • bottom button
    • middle button
    • top left button
    • top right button
  • Take the flashlight and go to the books by the window.
  • Use it on each one until you find a drawing with arrows.
50 Tiny Room Escape Walkthrough Level 25 Arrows
  • Check the other red stool and press the 6 nubs in this order:
    • 1 – 4 – 2 – 5 – 3 – 6 – 5 – 2
  • Here you’ll find a mallet.
  • Go to the painting on the wall and rearrange the wrong little decorations on the side of the frame to be in the correct position.
50 Tiny Room Escape Walkthrough Level 25 Painting
  • Look outside the window at the rock formation behind the gravestones and press the same buttons to form that shape.
50 Tiny Room Escape Walkthrough Level 25 Safe
  • Take the little coffin from inside and check the drawers of the desk.
  • The last drawer on the left has a note: A + B + C + D + E = 25
  • In the middle drawer on the right, there’s the D vial spilled.
  • If you look at the blood vials you’ll see each one has an amount of blood inside:
    • A = 8
    • B = 6
    • C = 5
    • E = 3
    • So D is 3
  • Go to the locked bars and enter the code 86533
  • Now remember the symbols on the big coffin and their position.
  • Then look at the little coffin to find the other symbols.
50 Tiny Room Escape Walkthrough Level 25 Plates
  • When the drawer underneath opens you can take the half cross and put it on the little coffin.
  • Now it will open and give you a key.
  • Use it to open the chest by the window.
  • Take the stake from inside and go to the big coffin.
  • Put the stake in the hole and bonk it with your mallet.
  • To know the order of the gravestones, you need to watch the scary figures out the window.
    • 1 – 4 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 3
  • Now the door will open and you’re free to go.

Wrapping up

Here we are helping Richard escape another locked room, seems like he’s been in a haunted house this time. I hope I was able to help you with enough clues and answers to solve this level fast.

Next stop we’ll meet on the walkthrough for Level 26 on 50 Tiny Room. Room by room, puzzle by puzzle, we’ll need to free him and help him reach the last level.


50 Tiny Room Escape Walkthrough Level 24

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