Cryptogram: Word Brain Puzzle Answers Ultra Hard #2

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Here are all the answers you need for Cryptogram Ultra Hard #2. They come with nice quotes from all over.

Probably these quotes are not completely new to you as I remembered some of them myself. But the codes used to decipher them are definitely harder.

Don’t worry if you stumble and get some of the letters wrong, just check them out below and you’ll get the answers you need to finish all the levels.

Cryptogram Ultra Hard #2 – Level 1 Answer

Answer: The misfortune of the wise is better than the prosperity of the fool.
Quote by: Epicurus – Ancient Greek philosopher, 341 BC – 270 BC

Cryptogram Ultra Hard #2 – Level 2 Answer

Answer: A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.
Quote by: Oliver Wendell Holmes – American jurist, 1841 – 1935

Cryptogram Ultra Hard #2 – Level 3 Answer

Answer: An epiphany enables you to sense creation not as something completed, but as constantly becoming, evolving, ascending.
Quote by: Joseph Campbell – American writer, 1904 – 1987

Cryptogram Ultra Hard #2 – Level 4 Answer

Answer: Nature has been for me, for as long as I remember, a source of solace, inspiration, adventure, and delight; a home, a teacher, a companion.
Quote by: Lorraine Anderson – American writer, born 1952

Cryptogram Ultra Hard #2 – Level 5 Answer

Answer: Languor is upon your heart and the slumber is still on your eyes.
Quote by: Rabindranath Tagore – Bengali polymath, 1861 – 1941

Cryptogram Ultra Hard #2 – Level 6 Answer

Answer: In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.
Quote by: Martin Luther King – American Baptist minister, 1929 – 1968

Cryptogram Ultra Hard #2 – Level 7 Answer

Answer: I am an enigma, an unknown. You can’t really figure out what I’m going to do next.
Quote by: Eminem – American rapper, born 1972

Cryptogram Ultra Hard #2 – Level 8 Answer

Answer: There are darknesses in life and there are lights, and you are one of the lights, the light of all lights.
Quote by: Bram Stoker – Irish author, 1847 – 1912

Cryptogram Ultra Hard #2 – Level 9 Answer

Answer: To see a World in a Grain of Sand, and a Heaven in a Wild Flower, Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand, And Eternity in an hour.
Quote by: William Blake – English poet, 1757 – 1827

Cryptogram Ultra Hard #2 – Level 10 Answer

Answer: Genius is the talent of a person who is capable of producing something for which he finds no precedents in the existing order, but which others will be able to understand only when it has been explained to them. An epigone, on the other hand, is someone who does what he finds already done.
Quote by: Theodor Adorno – German philosopher, 1903 – 1969

Wrapping up

This was the Ultra Hard #2 level in Cryptogram, and I’m sure you had as much fun discovering them as I had, and you’ll soon look for more.

I’ve got Cryptogram Ultra Hard #1 answers for you in a previous article, so make sure you check that out if you need a hand.

Stay on the lookout for more posts from me for Cryptogram answers, and don’t hesitate to tell me in the comment section below which Cryptogram section you want me to work on next.

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