Escape Room: Grim of Legacy – Level 1 Walkthrough

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This exciting Escape Room game came to us when we needed it the most ad I’m here to show you how to finish each level.

The mystery story will keep you hooked pretty much like it got you hooked on Rooms and Exits. I have a walkthrough for that too if you want to check it out here.

The steps are easy enough to follow, and the walkthrough below will have all the answers you need.

Grim of Legacy Level 1 Walkthrough

Grim of Legacy Level 1 Walkthrough Study Room
  • Check the toys on the floor and pick up the stick.
  • Use the stick and drag it to get to the keys on the wall and take a key from there.
  • You’ll find another key on the sofa to the right.
  • Look on the right side of the desk and take the book from there.
  • Use the key you took from the wall on the right cabinet of the desk.
  • You’ll find a candle inside and scrolls.
  • You can open the scroll to see the clue inside.
  • Look on the left side of the desk and put the candle into the holder.
  • Press the red arrow to go to the bedroom.
Grim of Legacy Level 1 Walkthrough Bedroom
  • Look under the bed and take the bag there.
  • Look inside the bag to take the clue paper.
  • In the bed, by the pillow, there’s a button piece.
  • Look at the painting on the right side of the door and remember the code on each side.
    • 1 – 5
      4 – 2
      3 – 6
  • Go to the drawer under the closet and enter those numbers into the lock.
  • Inside you’ll find another book and a matchbox.
  • On the chest near the bed, there’s a box.
  • On the desk by the window, there’s another book.
  • Look inside to find the code 4825.
  • Try that code on the box in your inventory.
  • The key you find inside will work on the left cupboard of the desk in the hallway.
  • You need to use the button piece here.
  • Arrange the symbols like the clue on the scroll.
Grim of Legacy Level 1 Walkthrough Symbols
  • You’ll find another book inside.
  • Check the bookshelves on the right in the hallway and add all three books from your inventory.
  • Solve the key puzzle on their spine, and arrange them from 1 to 5.
  • The puzzle inside will need the key from your inventory in order to solve it.
Grim of Legacy Level 1 Walkthrough Key Puzzle
  • Each side has a pattern.
  • Tap the nubs under the big key on the right to match each pattern and free each key.
    • First: 2 – 1 – 3 – 2
    • Second: 1 – 3 – 2 – 1
    • Third: 1 – 2 – 1 – 2
    • Fourth: 2 – 3 – 2 – 1
  • Inside you’ll find a key.
  • Use the matchbox to light the candle on the desk.
  • Take the clue paper to look at it close to the lit candle.
  • You’ll have to use this pattern on the closet in the bedroom.
Grim of Legacy Level 1 Walkthrough Closet Pattern
  • You’ll find a wallet that you can look inside of and remember the code of the phone number: 3(blue)8(red)4(green)2(orange)
  • Use the key to enter the dad’s office.
Grim of Legacy Level 1 Walkthrough Office
  • Take all the boxes on the right and put them on the left to reach the clock on the wall.
  • Now move the arrows to the right position by tapping on the colored buttons:
    • Blue to 3
    • Red to 8
    • Green to 4
    • Orange to 2
  • Now you can take the key from inside.
  • Use it on the cabinet behind the desk.
  • Move the books so you’ll find a hidden book behind them with the code 7593.
  • Enter that code on the panel on the right wall.
  • The arrows move 4 – 7 or 3 spaces at a time.
  • You need to land the arrows on each symbol shown above.
  • When you do it will light up.
  • You’ll find an antique box inside.

Here’s when the father comes back and the little girl drops the box and gets kidnapped by a weird teleportation hole that pops out of nowhere.

Wrapping up

I’m excited to see what Escape Room: Grim of Legacy will bring next. The story is already captivating and I’m sure we’ll see each other more often around here.

Check back to see more walkthroughs for Escape Room: Grim Legacy, I’ll have one ready for Level 2 in no time.


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