Doors and Rooms 2 Walkthrough: Chapter 1 Level 16, 17 and 18

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We’ve managed to solve three more levels in Doors and Rooms 2, Chapter 1 and we are here to share with you the walkthrough to help guide you through that level. In this case, we’re talking about the Doors&Rooms 2 Chapter 1 level 16, level 17 and level 18, three really challenging stages of this great game. If you want to get three stars in all levels, this is the article that you need to read!

Don’t forget that we have all the previous stages covered and you can check them out by following the next links: levels 1 – 5 | levels 6 – 10 | levels 11 – 15. Now let’s move on and let’s check out the walkthrough for three more levels in Doors and Rooms 2!

Doors & Rooms 2 Walkthrough: Chapter 1 Level 16

Tap the shrine (or whatever that is) in the middle of the screen and pick up the two cups. Pick up the shovel near the tree and use it to dig near the base of the statue to get a new, yellow cup. Fill each of the cups with water from the water puddle there. Tap the base of above the water puddles and add on it the red, blue and yellow cups of water. Stars will appear there and each of them will show you a number.

Go back to the shrine from where you got the cups, and type the numbers shown by the stars: red is 268, Yellow is 597 and blue 432. You can exit the stage now.

For the bonus stars, use the shovel on the place with the colored stars and dig somewhere in the top middle position – you will find the bonus star there. For the quiz, tap the base of the statue to the left and you have to count each of the stars. The correct answer is 342831

Doors & Rooms 2 Walkthrough: Chapter 1 Level 17

First tap the wall with the eyes puzzle. Tap the squares as I tell you: first, all the corners (top left & right, bottom left & right), then tile #3 on row 2, tile #4 on row 3, tile 3 on row 4 and tile 2 on row three. You can now get the eagle head.

Tap the mummy to the left and pick up the stick in its hand. In your inventory, combine it with the eagle head. Go to the vases to the left and place the stick in each of them. You will have to remember the number (based on the paintings of the stick) for each vase – the number is represented by the paintings that go inside the vase (the stick has a total of 10). The answer is: 84365. Pick up the other piece of the stick and combine it in your inventory. Place it in the mummy’s hand and you can exit.

For the bonus stars, go back to the eye puzzle and make it so its shape is a star. For the quiz, check out the sides of the vases, each has a corresponding number. Enter it in the quiz section to the left: 3584.

Doors & Rooms 2 Walkthrough: Chapter 1 Level 18

Pick up a lantern from the bottom of the screen and a round piece from the chest of the statue to the right. Use the lantern on the spot to the left and pick up another round piece from the left statue. Tap the door and place the two pieces as eyes on the statue. Now it’s time to look at the patterns shown on the left wall and do the same on the mouth. After completing all 4 and adjusting the directions of the eyes, you can exit (you will receive a coin that has to be placed on the ground in the corresponding spot).

For the bonus stars, in the bowl to the lower left, tap the dirt until you reveal the star. For the quiz, tap the base of the column to the right and do the puzzle on the mouth to find the time (12:45). you’re all set!

And this is it! We have now completed the Doors & Rooms 2 walkthrough for Chapter 1, levels 16, 17 and 18. It’s been really tough getting these written so if you found them useful, please help us by sharing them with your friends!


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