Doors&Rooms 2 Walkthrough: Chapter 1-6, 1-7, 1-8, 1-9 and 1-10 Solution

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We’re back with more solutions for Doors&Rooms 2 and in this article we’re going to check out the Doors and Rooms 2 walkthrough for Chapter 1, stages 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 – five new great levels that will challenge you greatly and which you will surely have a great time playing. And we’ll help you get the three stars in all those levels, so read on for the complete Doors and Rooms 2 walkthrough for Chapter 1!

Don’t forget that we have also published the Doors & Rooms solutions for the first 5 levels of the game and you can check them out here. And now let’s move on and let’s check out below the Doors&Rooms 2 Walkthrough for Chapter 1, stage 6 to stage 10!

Doors&Rooms 2 Walkthrough: Chapter 1 Stage 6

Tap to open the two doors (first the one to the left) and get a remote control. Pick up detergent near the left door. Go all the way to the right and get a cloth from the heater.

In your inventory, combine cloth with detergent and use it on the wall to the left to reveal a yellow symbol. Use the remote on the screen above that symbol and you will see a new shape. Notice that there’s another one on the doors you have opened below. These are all numbers: 8, 5, 7 and 0. Use them on the door to open it.

The bonus star is to the left side of the screen, as a button in the shape of the star. And for the quiz, tap the device on the table. It’s actually showing the numbers of the remote control, and you need the series pointed out by the arrow: 1236987. You can now exit!

Doors&Rooms 2 Walkthrough: Chapter 1 Stage 7

Tap the jacket and get a cutter from the top right pocket. Zoom in to the briefcase on the table and use the cutter on the bottom right side of it. Get a password card.

Tap the left drawer on the desk and get a handle. Open the tall cabinet door to the left and get another handle. Open the green door on the wall and place the two handles inside. Tap the switch near the door and look on the pass card for the places where the red squares are first:

– Tap squares 2 and 4 on the top row and button 4 on the third row
– We need the blue ones now: squares 1 and 4 on the second row and 2 on the third row.
– For green, tap the 3rd square on row 1, 1st square on row three and 3rd square on row four
– For purple, tap 2nd square on row 2, 3rd square on row 3 and 2nd square on row 4.
– For yellow, tap the remaining squares. The door is open and you can exit.

For the bonus, tap the jacket. Get the star from the button. Also, see EXILES above Service, the thing we need for the puzzle. Tap the computer and enter the code: 16113. You can now exit the room.

Doors&Rooms 2 Walkthrough: Chapter 1 Stage 8

Take the gear from the table to the left. From the bottom right crate, take the screwdriver. From the bottom left cabinets, get an envelope. Dismantle it in the inventory to see the numbers for the star and the key.

Tap the bike and use the screwdriver on the big gear to pick it up. Combine it with the other gear in your inventory. Place the resulting gear on the machine to the left and pick up the key from the hook.

Tap the control panel to the right and use the key. We need now to enter the right coordinates, according to the papers we’ve got, for what we need. For the key, tap the X to show 1.7, Z: 0.4, y: 0.9 and T: 1.3. tap the start button. Go back and move to the bottom right of the screen to get a key.

Now for the star, enter the following numbers: X: 0.5, Z: 1.1, Y: 1.4, T: 2.0. Get the star.

Finally, the quiz. If you tap the device on the lower left side of the screen, it will show you the pistons. We need the order in which they go down, which is: 3, 1, 4, 2, 5. Enter these numbers to complete it and exit the room!

Doors&Rooms 2 Walkthrough: Chapter 1 Stage 9

Pick up wire cutter from the box, screwdriver to its right and a piece of cable to the left. Tap the front of the machine and use the screwdriver to remove the screws on the board. Combine the cable with the cutter and place the cable inside. We need to find the combinations now.

Check out the boxes on the back: red, blue, two green and yellow. Tap the boxes on the shelves to see what they represent (first letter from the words represents the direction). Now go back to the machine and use the code: tap the arrows like this: up, right, left, left, down. You have opened the door and can now exit.

For the bonus, tap the screen. We need the value for BAEDC (seen on the control panel where you placed the wire). The answer is 17593. Finally, to get the bonus star, zoom in on the racks with boxes and find it between the two yellow boxes to the left.

Doors&Rooms 2 Walkthrough: Chapter 1 Stage 10

Get the hammer from the left and the wire cutter from the cabinet to the right.

Use the hammer on the glass near the door and tap to zoom in and see some arrows (right, left, left, right). Tap on the tank above the table with a safe and tap the handle to fill it with water. Count the balls there.

Tap the safe and now using a combination of the arrows we seen and the number of balls, enter the code: 2 red right, 9 green left, 6 yellow left, 7 blue right. Take the key and use it on the door to exit.

For the bonus stars, tap the tablet to the right of the screen. We need some numbers – and you can find them by tapping the gears to the left. The code is 486. For the bonus star, tap the broken glass on the wall and tap again the glass in the upper left corner to get it.

And this is it! We have now completed Doors&Rooms 2, Chapter 1, stages 6 to 10. Very difficult and challenging, but we hope that this walkthrough helps you a lot. If it does, don’t forget to check back soon for more and share this with your friends – it wasn’t easy to write it!

[UPDATE:] As promised, we have published the walkthrough for 5 more stages in Chapter 1, and you can check them out here if you need some extra help.


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