Cross Logic Answers Easy Level 1 – Level 10

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Everyone loves a good logic puzzle game. So today I have your answers for Cross Logic from level 1 to level 10.

If you’re stuck and don’t know where you went wrong, check out my answers to make sure you keep playing this amazing game.

Cross Logic answers are going to be tricky sometimes. But if you follow my lead you’ll be able to enjoy the game further and advance to harder levels.

Cross Logic Easy Level 1 Answers

Answer: Admiral is a Dalmatian

Cross Logic Easy Level 2 Answers

Answers: Anna Slater, Peter Montagne, Jim Shen.

Cross Logic Easy Level 3 Answers

Answers: Midnight Rendezvous – City
Wind and Autumn – Room
Last Chance – River
Through the Mirror – Field
Cascade – Road

Cross Logic Easy Level 4 Answers

Answers: Liz – Cherry pie – 3rd place
Tim – Pecan pie – 2nd place
Cynthia – Apple pie – 1st place

Cross Logic Easy Level 5 Answers

Answers: Pirate – Dog – 1 PM
Chico – Cat – 11 AM
Buddy – Parrot – 10 AM

Cross Logic Easy Level 6 Answers

Answers: Aldo – Red – Healing Potion
Ignacius – Green – Poison
Lorenzo – Black – Acid

Cross Logic Easy Level 7 Answers

Answers: Lewis – Ida – chocolate
Anne – Doris – strawberry
Sarah – Theodora – Vanilla

Cross Logic Easy Level 8 Answers

Answers: Cardinal – Field – Afternoon
Flycatcher – Forest – Morning
Woodpecker – Park – Evening

Cross Logic Easy Level 9 Answers

Answers: Max – Fries – $5
Ray – Burger – $2
Norman – Taco – $1

Cross Logic Easy Level 10 Answers

Answers: Abbey – Pilot – Accountant
Derek – Secretary – Racer
Sabina – Ranger – Paramedic

These are today’s Cross Logic answers for easy difficulty from level 1 to level 10, and there are more levels to come.

Check back with my next article on Cross Logic answers level 11 to level 20, because I am sure it’s going to be addicting, and will have a hard time letting it down from my hand.

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