Clash Royale: Great Deck for Arena 3 & Arena 4 (Giant / Baby Dragon Deck)

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I am now here to share with you a deck that I consider better than any deck out there, and very easy to get because it doesn’t focus on Epic cards too much.

It’s a very basic deck with incredible results and even though it might need some tweaking (I’ve only tested it in five battles), it shows incredible promise and I absolutely love it.

I would even dare to consider it the best Clash Royale deck for Arena 3 and Arena 4: the Giant / Baby Dragon deck!

The great deck that I am talking about is one that you can easily use in Arena 3, but also in Arena 4 (where I am right now) with great results. Here is the deck itself – you won’t believe how basic it is and I am sure you won’t believe how successful it can be either:


This Clash Royale Giant / Baby Dragon deck is insanely basic! All the cards are obtainable early in the game and I believe that everybody’s got them. I even have a video at the end of the article to show you this great deck in action!

Here are some Clash Royale tips, cheats and tricks for beginners and advanced players that will come in handy.

So what’s the trick? What makes this deck work so well? Just like it is the case of most decks out there, it’s all about strategy. There are two very important elements to consider when playing this deck:

1. Try to place the Goblin Hut as soon as possible, behind one of your towers. The Spear Goblins are extremely powerful and they will manage to get a bit of hitpoints from the towers, or at least force the opponent to counter them somehow. It’s a pain to play against it and it helps your way a lot.

2. Take your time, defend and counter, waiting to fill up that Elixir bar in order to send in your super combo: the Giant, closely followed by the Baby Dragon.

This is one insanely powerful combination in the game because it makes countering the Giant very difficult, since it’s usually countered by large groups of low health troops, groups that are destroyed easily by the dragon.

As a bonus, you have the Arrows to clean up around them, giving you even more strength!

There are moments when you will feel overwhelmed, especially if the opponent drops powerful land units.

This is why I believe that it might be better to replace the Minions with a powerful land unit and I am considering the Knight, although the Goblins might just do.

Just have this in mind and give it a try – I will sure do so and hopefully, this great deck will get even better.

Now check out my video showing you the success I had while testing this deck and how much fun it was to find a deck that works so well. It’s my new favorite:

What do you think about this Giant / Baby Dragon combo deck for Clash Royale? If you’re going to try it, don’t forget to share your results in the comment section below!


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