Clash Royale: How to Counter the Witch

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In my opinion, especially early on in the game, the Witch is a real pain when it comes to defending against her and I go completely crazy when I see it deployed by my opponent. It’s a very powerful card and in this article we will learn how to counter the Witch easily and take as little damage as possible.

The Witch is absolutely INSANE: she summons skeletons, it has decent health, does area damage to both air and ground units… she is an absolute beast and countering her is not easy. Fortunately, it is easier if you have the right cards and I have listed the best ways to counter a witch in Clash Royale below. But first, let’s check out the dangerous lady’s portray below!


Now here is how to counter her:

1. Baby Dragon
If you have this card, it’s extremely useful against the Witch. Place it between your tower and the Witch herself: the Baby Dragon will not only take the Witch out eventually, but will also destroy her Skeletons, making her pretty useless.

2. Valkyrie

Although this is not my favorite card, it also does a decent job against the Witch and her skeleton army thanks to her area of effect damage. Both the Valkyrie and the Baby Dragon cost one less Elixir than the Witch, making them a good choice of also gaining elixir damage against the opponent.

How to counter the Witch when you have none of the cards above?

Of course, it will happen, even if you have the cards in the deck: they might just not be available, in which case you should adapt. Remember that the witch does splash damage and summons skeletons, so you can’t use low health troops in large numbers – she will destroy them immediately. Ranged units can also be a decent counter against her (archers, musketeer for example), as well as a Mini Pekka or something similar (Knight or Prince). It won’t be easy, but if you let her get into your side of the map, you will also get help from your towers and the job will be slightly easier. Not fun, though!

Do you have other methods that are great when it comes to countering the Witch in Clash Royale? Let us know by leaving a comment below.


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