Clash Royale: How to Spend Your Gems to Get the Best Value

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Probably the most important question in the game when it doesn’t come to actual gameplay is “How should I spend my Gems in Clash Royale?” As you probably know already, Gems are the premium currency in the game and they’re extremely difficult to collect: you normally have to pay in order to get them, but you will also get tiny amounts from opening special chests, like the free chests rewarded every 4 hours or the Crown Chest that you can unlock every 24 hours. So, having in mind that it’s so difficult to get these cards, it’s a good idea to know exactly how to spend them to get the most out of them.

When I first started, I spent all the free gems that I had on rushing Silver chests, because that seemed like the best thing to do… and that is what probably most of the people think. However, I do believe now that using the Gems to rush the opening times of Chests, especially Silver chests, is a complete waste of gems. And in order to make sure that you won’t do the same mistake that I did when I first started, or you might still do it now, I decided to write this guide on how to spend your gems in Clash Royale in order to actually get the biggest bang for your buck.

So… what’s the best way to spend your gems?

Purchase Gold!

It might sound strange for me to recommend something as unusual as spending the hard earned gems to buy Gold, but I think that’s the best option for you and it also gives you more control over things. It’s easy, and here is why you should spend Gems to buy gold (and how much to buy):

First of all, either buy or wait until you have 500 Gems in order to get the Bucket of Gold, which offers the best value in my opinion at 10,000 Gold for 500 Gems. The Wagon of gold is insanely expensive and only offers you a 500 gems discount, which isn’t that much if you consider how much you have to spend to get it…

Now that you have 10,000 gold, you might wonder why have you done such a mistake spending your Gems on that. But it’s not a mistake. Here is why:

1. You will immediately run out of gold, as soon as you start reaching the higher levels with your cards. If you’re not there yet – trust me! It WILL happen!

2. You will know have more control on what cards you level up, even what cards you get. If you use your Gems to buy Treasure Chests from the market or rush chests that you already have, you have no control over the cards that you’re getting. You might wish for some Prince Cards, but get some Balloons instead. You can get anything there and if you don’t get cards that you use, you can consider it a waste of money. So why risk it when having the gold gives you more control?

If you get the gold, you will surely have the coins to upgrade your cards, which is really important, but you can also purchase Cards from the store. New cards are offered every day and the value is great as long as you are patient. And there’s no reason not to be, because you will get there – using the gold that you have, you will get, for sure, the cards that you want, upgrade and level up the cards that you have. Add the Alliance bonus into account (ask for cards you really need) and you have all the reasons to spend your Gems on getting Gold and not rushing or purchasing chests.

Early on, however, if you want to do some catching up, it might not be a completely terrible idea to get some chests. You need some cards in order to level up and that does help. However, once you reach Arena 3, in my opinion, you should only spend your Gems on Getting the 10,000 coins bundle – it will last you for quite a while if you are smart enough not to waste the money, and it will be all worth it!

Hopefully you find my strategy of spending your hard earned Clash Royale Gems useful. If you have a different opinion on this, let me know by leaving a comment below!


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