Clash Royale Witch: Overview, Guide & Useful Combos

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The Witch card in Clash Royale is one of my favorite so far because it is an extremely overpowered card that deals a lot of damage, it’s difficult to counter and has the potential to be a game changer if used right.

In this article, we’ll learn everything about the Clash Royale Witch: how to use it, useful combos and all the tips I can think of when it comes to using this card in offense. (For a defense guide, see our article on how to counter the CR Witch).

Clash Royale Witch card overview


The witch is a really powerful card that does a lot of things: she summons a few skeletons every now and then to attack the enemy, she has a medium speed and decent hit points, does decent damage (including area damage)… she is a real beast, as I use to call her. She is an Epic card that can be obtained as early as the tutorial stages and deploying her costs 5 Elixir.

Clash Royale Witch Combos & How to Use


The Witch can be used as an extremely powerful offensive weapon at any moment in the game. Usually, players deploy her deep inside their base, close to the Crown Tower (the King’s tower) in order to have her summon as many sets of skeletons as possible before reaching the enemy lines – and this is indeed a good strategy. She is primarily an offensive force and she is extremely difficult to counter if used with the right combinations.

Regarding Clash Royale combos, most of the really solid ones cost a lot of Elixir. For example, pairing the Witch with the Giant can be insanely difficult to counter (but also costs 10 Elixir, so difficult to achieve). Also the Witch + Prince combo works best, as well as combining the Witch with ranged units, placed behind her. This is a more defensive move as people will usually try to counter her with a Baby Dragon and the archers help her stay alive for longer. If the Dragon is not used as a counter method, I would pair the Witch with any type of single unit that does a lot of Damage and has decent health (think Knight, Mini Pekka etc).

Tips: If you don’t have a good combo for the Witch when you get the card, you can still play her early on in the game to mess up with your opponent’s plans. Make sure you are the first to deploy in order to have the opponent change their plans, or risk to have them deploy first and if they deploy something the witch can easily destroy, play her.

It’s best to play the witch deep in your area in order to get three waves of skeletons (or at least two) and you should wait before playing the combo to see what the opponent deploys. Have in mind that the Witch is extremely powerful and a great card to use in battle and have in your deck.

Do you like the Witch card in Clash Royale? Leave all your comments and strategies for this card in the comment section below.


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