Case Hunter Answers Level 24 – Level 31

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In today’s walkthrough, I will give you all the answers you need for Case Hunter Lost Chapter Level 24 to Level 31 so you too can finish all the levels.

Case Hunter is an interactive game of investigation. Find the hidden items, and use your analytical skills to detect the suspect’s lies!

If you love brain games, mind games, find hidden objects, logic puzzles, detective games, riddle games, brain out games, and clue detective – this game is for you, so check out the answers below.

Case Hunter – Lost – Level 24 Answer

Objective: Bomb Disposal Expert
Dangerous goods have been detected on Train C-105. Save everyone now.

Answer: Find the bomb to save the people.

  • There is half a photo on the ground with numbers on: 04
  • Check the suitcase in front of the sleeping man and take the scissors.
  • Go to the pink door on the right and take the other half of a photo with the numbers 15
  • Check the suitcase in front of the mother with the baby and write the code 0415
  • Use the scissors to cut off the wires and save the day.

Case Hunter – Lost – Level 25 Answer

Objective: Runaway Child
My child who’s been hospitalized has run away again. Please find him for me.

Answer: Search the hospital room for clues.

  • Stop the toy train by pulling on the lever and take the pink cube.
  • Go to the desk on the left and put the pink cube on the tray, and fill it with water.
  • Take it with you to the fridge and leave it inside.
  • Now open the fridge again and take the star-shaped ice cube.
  • Go to the bed and put the ice star in the big cube and the golden star as well.
  • You find a ticket and can tap the map to go to the train where you find the lost child.

Case Hunter – Lost – Level 26 Answer

Objective: The Neighbor Who Steals Packages

Answer: Talk to your neighbor:

  • Hey, dude.
  • I’m a cop.
  • Have you discovered anything odd about your neighbor?
  • We suspect he is dealing drugs using courier services.
  • I don’t think so.
  • So you stole the packages after all.

Case Hunter – Lost – Level 27 Answer

Objective: Psychological Clinic
He lost his family in a car accident and is unwilling to wake up. Help him.

Answer: Help out the patient.

  • Take the purse from the clothing rack.
  • Look at the jars on the table, break the one with the key in, and take it.
  • Take the photo next to his bed.
  • Use the key to open the glass case and take the lollipop.
  • Check the bed of the patient and put the objects in this order: Photo – lollipop – purse
  • He’ll remember his family and wake up.

Case Hunter – Lost – Level 28 Answer

Objective: Wicked Pet Seller
The fox in the zoo has been stolen by a wicked pet seller. Capture him and find the fox.

Answer: Find the fox.

  • Take the bone from the fenced area, and some fox fur.
  • Give the bone to the barking dog and give it the fox fur to smell and get the scent.
  • Go outside after the dog to the train.
  • Go to the screaming girl and catch the rat.
  • Go to the other person and show them the rat.
  • As the objects fall from them, take the glass of water and pour it over the pink animal.
  • That’s where the fox is, and you have your thief as well.

Case Hunter – Lost – Level 29 Answer

Objective: Miss M’s Bully

Answer: Talk to the freak:

  • Hello, bro.
  • I heard you crossed a line with Ms. M last night.
  • I’m a police officer investigating the situation.
  • As far as I know, you left your home early this morning.
  • Did you grab a cab to go to a nearby hospital?
  • So you’re the person Ms. M kicked and injured last night.

Case Hunter – Lost – Level 31 Answer

Objective: Mr. Rich Went Missing
This is the 67th time Mr. Rich has escaped from the hospital. Find him quickly.

Answer: Look around the room for clues.

  • Check the newspaper on the bed and remember 15674 and OFS_F.
  • Go to the table by the door and open the drawer.
  • Enter the code in the lock, and by rolling down the 4th letter you’ll discover the full code: OFSSF
  • Take the toy train and the key.
  • Put the toy train on the tracks and take the ticket.
  • Go outside to the train and to the pink door on the right.
  • Show the ticket to be able to enter this VIP area.
  • Use the key on the suitcase to find a diamond ring.
  • You’ll see a photo of a rich man on a magazine on the table at the bottom of the room.
  • Take the coffee pot from the table and go back to the first train cart.
  • Look at the man with a coffee cup, and pour him some coffee.
  • As he reaches for the coffee, and put the diamond ring on his finger.

Case Hunter – Lost – Level 30 Answer

Objective: Working in a Nursing Home
It’s inevitable to get some aches and illnesses when you age. Today’s client is an old friend, Lawrance. He is now in the hospital with nobody looking after him.

Answer: Go around the room to find what you need.

  • Take the cat toy off the floor.
  • Use it to play with the cat and take the nurse tag.
  • Take the cane next to the armchair.
  • Try to go to the nurses’ desk and solve the lock puzzle by moving all the reds to the right and all the blues to the left.
  • There are 7 buttons, 3 red, 1 white, 3 blue. Press them in this order:
    • 3rd – 5th – 6th – 4th – 2nd – 3rd – 1st – 3rd – 5th – 7th – 6th – 4th – 2nd – 3rd – 5th – 4th
  • Take the bottles with numbers from here.
  • Go to the table with bottles next to the desk and put the bottles in the order on the not: 1234
  • Now take the entire table and give it to the man with red hair.
  • Give the nurse tag as well.
  • Here is your friend who needs help.
  • Check the electric wires and use the cane to move them from the water.
  • Take the tape from the trash and glue the wires back.

Wrapping up

We solved two more chapters together of Case Hunter, I bet you’re turning into a real detective by now. Next we’ll explore more stories and find out more mysteries.

Go check out my next article with answers for Case Hunter Fairytale Town chapter to find your way out and finish all the levels, then move to my other article for Case Hunter Scary Town.


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