Case Hunter Answers Level 38 – Level 43

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This walkthrough for Case Hunter Lost Chapter Level 38 to Level 43 will give you all the answers you need so you too can finish all the levels.

Case Hunter is an interactive game of investigation. Find the hidden items, and use your analytical skills to detect the suspect’s lies!

If you love brain games, mind games, find hidden objects, logic puzzles, detective games, riddle games, brain out games, and clue detective – this game is for you, so check out the answers below.

Case Hunter – Scary Town – Level 38 Answer

Objective: Naughty Spirit

Case Hunter Answers Level 38

Answer: Check the graveyard for clues.

  • Look at his grave, he has a bottle of soda in his hand.
  • Tap the man hiding in the booth and he’ll give you a vacuum.
  • Look on the bench and take the coin.
  • Go to the vending machine and use the coin to get a soda.
  • Put the soda on the spirit’s grave, and use the vacuum to trap him inside.

Case Hunter – Scary Town – Level 39 Answer

Objective: Temple Treasure

Case Hunter Answers Level 39

Answer: You need to find the treasure in the temple.

  • Look at the table in the middle.
  • Move the lever to the left to open the first door and go through.
  • You have 7 tiles and you need to press them in this order to make the pattern shown behind.
Case Hunter Answers Level 39 Left Door
  • The door will open for you again and you can get out.
  • Go to the table and move the lever to the right.
  • As you enter remember the notes the genie plays: red – green – blue – yellow
  • Now take the flute and press the same colors in that order.
  • You can now open the middle door, go to the table, and take the golden ticket.
  • Put it on the middle door and enter.
  • Go to the golden statue to finish this level.

Case Hunter – Scary Town – Level 40 Answer

Objective: Save the Hostage

Answer: Talk to the kidnapper

  • Who are you?
  • I don’t know what you’re talking about.
  • No matter how less you make it, it has nothing to do with me!
  • Did you really kidnap someone?
  • 1 million is too much, Mr. Kidnapper.
  • My father’s gone missing and I don’t if he’s still alive. All the money I’ve made has been used to look for him.
  • My wife and I are childhood friends. I swore I’d protect her with my life, but…
  • My doctor told me I have cancer and won’t live for long…

Case Hunter – Scary Town – Level 41 Answer

Objective: Anonymous Commission

Case Hunter Answers Level 41

Answer: Look around the room for clues

  • Behind the photo in the window, there’s a film.
  • Turn on the lights from the switch and take the key from the lamp on the wall.
  • Go to the camera on the table and take the skeleton foot.
  • Put the film inside the camera and turn it on.
  • Take the poster from the bed and look at the wall across the camera to see what was on the film.
  • Take a skeleton hand from the red vase.
  • Go open the door with the key and go outside.
  • There are some skeleton ribs in the tree.
  • Go to the phone booth and call the number on the poster: 55678
  • Now go inside the house, open the box, and take the shovel.
  • Use it on the grave outside with the moving ground.
  • Open the casket and put back the skeleton parts.

Case Hunter – Scary Town – Level 42 Answer

Objective: Haunted House

Case Hunter Answers Level 42

Answer: Look around the house for clues.

  • Check under the cabinet next to the TV and take the red button.
  • Put it on the doll’s on the armchair and watch its eyes light up: left – 3 times, right – 2 times.
  • Go on the left wall where the doors with the 2 red buttons are.
  • Press the buttons in that pattern to open the doors.
  • Switch the plants around to form a number with the shadows underneath 1521
  • Go up the stairs to the right, enter that code, and go inside.
  • Check the door and you’ll see a vase with scissors inside.
  • Go to the box and use them to open it.
  • Take the cage and go in the top left corner to use it to catch the real ghost, the mouse.

Case Hunter – Scary Town – Level 43 Answer

Objective: Goodbye, my Lilith

Answer: Talk to Lilith

  • What the hell?
  • Oh, I know who it is.
  • Only you would tell such lame jokes, Lilith.
  • I haven’t been able to get in contact with you. Where are you now?
  • Is it the violin you brought with you when you first got to town?
  • The violin is reminding me of you when you first came to town.
  • Perhaps you came to this town so that you and Mark could be together.
  • Haha, thank you for saying that. I want to meet you as soon as possible!
  • Haha, are you saying you’re the tree next to me?
  • My body is buried under the tree. Move aside! You’re stepping on my head.
  • Your joke is scaring me.
  • Who killed you?
  • Lilith!!!

Scary Town was a scary theme to play indeed, but our next stop is taking us to another world. Buckle up and check out my next article for Case Hunter Sea of Fate chapter.


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