Maze of Realities Episode 4 Walkthrough

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In this walkthrough for Maze of Realities Season 1 Episode 4, I’m going to help you with all the solutions and answers you need to finish The Devourer of Worlds.

Join an exciting adventure to find hidden objects, solve tough puzzles, and look for clues in a captivating story about old terrors and diseases with no cure.

Travel through Egypt and other places, putting together clues to save worlds from big danger. Follow the walkthrough below to get you through the game and be able to finish it more easily.

Maze of Realities Episode 4 Walkthrough

Maze of Realities Episode 4 Walkthrough First Part

Task 1: Get to Vortex Realm

  • Next to the can of paint, there’s a backpack, tap on it.
  • Take the gemstone (1/4) and the Pharaoh’s fail.
  • Go back and take the broken amulet from the table on the right.
  • Check out the pharaoh in the right corner and look at the newspaper photo in its hands.
  • Put the pharaoh’s flail in the other hand and press the part on its shoulder that brightens up.
  • Take the scroll and read it to learn about the Embrakh.
  • Take the powder box and another gemstone (2/4)
  • Now drag the newspaper photo to the area you’re in to play a match-3 game.
Maze of Realities Episode 4 Walkthrough match-3
  • Take the scraper on the ground to the right and use it on the ceiling to find the octopus design.
  • Use the paint to draw new legs on the drawing on the wall.
  • Drag the piece of wall on the floor to the other drawing to complete it.
  • Drag the flute to the golden coil on the floor and reveal the snake.
  • And move the mirror to the column to remake the right shape you need.
  • You’ll find another strange scroll with a clue.
  • Use it on the table with the little statues where you found the broken amulet.
  • Arrange all statues to face the middle of the table and take the fragrance oil and the other gemstone (3/4)
  • Use the oil on the backpack’s zipper to open it and take the sprinkler, the mallet, and the last gemstone (4/4)
  • Now use all the gemstones on the broken amulet.
  • Use it on the portal and drag the amulet across all cells without repeating and collect the correct sequence of symbols.
Maze of Realities Episode 4 Walkthrough Portal puzzle
  • You’ll get the amulet back and you can go through the portal now.

Task 2: Meet Gelai

Maze of Realities Episode 4 Walkthrough Meet Gelai
  • Check out the bees in the blue flowers and take the anchor nechlace.
  • Read the clue about mint scarying the bees.
  • Go to the house up ahead and use the powder box in the cracked window.
  • Use the anchor necklace to open up the window.
  • Taake the chisel and look at the clue about birds liking pepermint.
  • Go to the house on the left and use the chisel and the mallet to open up the lock.
  • Now you can go inside and play a match-3 game and put each item in its place.
Maze of Realities Episode 4 Walkthrough house match-3
  • Horseshoe goes to number 4.
  • Beet to number 5.
  • Umbrella to 6.
  • Broom to 7.
  • Lever to 8.
  • Pitchfork to 9.
  • Mallet to 10.
  • Wattercan to 11.
  • Log to 12.
  • Now you can take the scythe.
  • Further in the back, there’s a bamboo forest.
  • Use the scythe to go through.
Maze of Realities Episode 4 Walkthrough River
  • Look at the hole up ahead, and take the empty vial and the long thread.
  • In the water, there’s a conch you can take some water with it.
  • On the ground there’s a nest, use the long thread, find 5 similar feathers, and tie them together.
  • Go to the chest on the left and use the powder box and the feather fan to see the right combination.
  • Rotate the lock mechanism and collect the butterflies one by one.
  • Inside the chest, you’ll find a scroll talking about the disease being caused by a curse.
  • Take the cleaning powder in the red pouch and the settlement map.
  • Use the map in the back where the river is going and follow the stream to find Gelai.

Task 3: Examine sick turtles

Maze of Realities Episode 4 Walkthrough Gelai
  • In the basket on the right, there’s a brush and a sapphire. Take the basket as well.
  • In the flower bushes above this, you’ll find a note.
  • Use the basket to get some berries.
  • Give the berries to the squirrel to enter its home.
  • Use the buttons to switch between the map fragments. You can swap selected fragments. Complete the map.
Maze of Realities Episode 4 Walkthrough Squirrel Map
  • Here you’ll find a small key.
  • In the rocks to the left, there’s a stuck pickaxe you’ll get later.
  • Go to the town and check the open window.
  • Use the small key to open the cage.
  • You’ll find a note about Embrakh and some mint leaves.
  • Go to the empty vial in your inventory, and add the mint, the water conch, and the sprinkler.
  • Use this spray on the bees in the blue flowers.
  • Choose a wasp and jump over another across the flowers until there is one left, as I did in my video:
  • Take the torch from the flowers, and the net.
  • Now go back to the river and use the net to get the bag from the water.
  • Take the flint and steel and go to the cave hole.
  • Put the torch in the holder and use the flint and steel to light it up.
  • Now you can go inside and play the match-3 game.
Maze of Realities Episode 4 Walkthrough Cave match-3
  • Drag the ribbon to the staff to make it whole.
  • Drag the glue to the ritual amulet to put it together.
  • Put the scroll over the candle to see the spell scroll.
  • Use the thread to saw the cloak.
  • Take the bottle to puddle to make the potion.
  • You’ll have to get the hook at the end.
  • Check out the nest in front of the cave and use the hook to get the glove from between the branches.
  • Go to Gelai and use the glove to move the thistle to the side.
  • Use the brush to get some pollen from the moonflower.
  • Sprinkle the pollen on the branches that aren’t letting you move forward on the path.
  • Now a new path has opened and you can move ahead.
Maze of Realities Episode 4 Walkthrough Edge
  • Look at the green chest on the left and take the Jambo tree juice and the silk handkerchief.
  • More to the left there’s a tree and you can get the empty set and look through.
  • Take notes of what you need:
    • moonflower pollen, jambo tree juice, sapphire crystals, and fire water.
  • Now look at the red toolbox up ahead and use the cleaning powder and the handkerchief to clean it and open it.
  • Take the trowel and use it on the dirt pile next to the pot to find the recipe for firewater and a woodchip.
  • Go back to town and to the house on the left.
  • Enter it and play the match-3 game to find all the hearts.
Maze of Realities Episode 4 Walkthrough Find Hearts
  • Take the ruby heart and put it on the statue bird’s chest.
  • The doors behind them will open up for you.
  • As you talk to the man you will need to put the puzzle of Embrakh back together.
Maze of Realities Episode 4 Walkthrough Embrakh puzzle
  • Next you’ll have a puzzle of an artifact.
Maze of Realities Episode 4 Walkthrough Artifact puzzle
  • And the last puzzle of the city. Swap the pieces to make sense of the picture.
Maze of Realities Episode 4 Walkthrough City puzzle
  • Look around Varius’ house to find more clues.
Maze of Realities Episode 4 Walkthrough Varius
  • On the left, next to the fence, there’s a boomerang.
  • Right in front of you, there’s a feeding bowl and a ladder.
  • Use the ladder to reach the high entrance to the Varius’ blue house.
  • Now enter and find all the items described in the match-3 game.
Maze of Realities Episode 4 Walkthrough Varius match-3
  • As you find the parchment when finishing the mini-game, you’ll see the number 1195 on it.
  • Inside the pavilion to the right, there’s a box where you can drag the note and enter that code.
  • You’ll find a note with more info about the turtles and their disease.
  • Find the three objects that don’t fit the picture and tap on them:
    • House behind the statue, the wolf on the poster, and the crown.
  • You’ll find fire powder in the chest.
  • Now go to the furthest path you reached and use the boomerang on the fruits (1/3) in the tree and take them.
  • Go by the fire pit, pour the fire powder into the water, and light the fire with the flint and steel.
  • Use the bottle next to the pot to get some fire water.
  • Open the box in your inventory and put all the items in the recipe inside.
  • Now you’ll have your Analysis set.
  • Check out the purple bushes here and set the Analysis set down on the ground.
  • Check out the recipe and what you have to do to drag each item on the ground in the right order:
    • 1. Firewater
    • 2. Sapphire crystal
    • 3. Moonflower pollen
    • 4. Jumbo tree juice
  • Now press all the chips on the lid and play the game.
  • Place the chips in their place according to their colors as I did in my video:
  • Here you’ll find another note and find out more about the disease.
  • Pick the option Trust the turtle and you’ll help the turtle relax and be given a serrated dagger.

Task 4: Prepare the bird for a flight.

  • Use the dagger on the tree (where you took the fruits from) to cut a big stick.
  • Go to Gelai, use the stick on the pickaxe stuck in the rock to the left, and the small wooden chip, and take it.
  • Use the pickaxe on the cracked boulder on the right and take the coil and the fruit (2/3)
  • Go to the river and use the dagger to cut the fruits (3/3), by the water.
  • Put all the fruits in the feeding bowl and take another look in the cave and find the images shown.
Maze of Realities Episode 4 Walkthrough Cave mini-game
  • In the end, you’ll find a soft ball.
  • Put it over the mist by the river and take the handle and the cutters.
  • Go back to Varius’ place and use the cutters on the green fence on the left.
  • Take the board, the spice grinder, and the bridle.
  • Go look again inside Varius’ house and find the shadowed objects.
Maze of Realities Episode 4 Walkthrough Varius mini-game
  • Put the lens on the table on the goggles.
  • With the tweezers by the fire, you can take the coral.
  • Put the scale back in its place.
  • Put the cross on the box and grab the bandage from inside.
  • Use the chisel to clean the horn.
  • The stone pyramid is in the fireplace.
  • Take a look at the crate with an arrow.
  • Use the pyramid and the plank to open it.
  • Take the rope, tinder, and the scraper.
  • Check the logs in the back, and use the flint and steel, the tinder and the scraper, to get some resin.
  • Put the coil, handle, rope, and resin together to get a winch.
  • Go to the edge again, and check the toolbox.
  • Put the winch on the left and use it to pull the toolbox.
  • Take the big needle and the key.
  • Use the key to open the golden chest to the left.
  • Take the flask and the saddle design.
  • Go to Varius’ house and check the pavilion on the right.
  • Put the thread, big needle, and the saddle design to make a saddle.
  • Go to Melissa’s tent, next to Gelai, to look around more.

Task 5: Study Melissa’s journal

Maze of Realities Episode 4 Walkthrough Tent
  • In front of you, there’s a book about turtles, but its pages are encrypted.
  • By the green armchair, there’s a bird figurine.
  • On the bookshelf in front of you, there’s another note from Gelai.
  • Take the magic candle and go to the candle holder to put it on.
  • As you tap on it, all the candles will light up and you’ll be able to play a match-3 game.
Maze of Realities Episode 4 Walkthrough Tent Match-3
  • You’ll find a book stack that you can use to level the armchair and get the reagent.
  • Use it on the chemistry vials on the right and get the wrenches emblem.
  • Go to the edge where the toolbox is.
  • Tap the part of the box under the winch and put the emblem there.
  • Take the turtle figurine and go back to her tent.
  • Check the bookshelf in the back and put the bird figurine and the turtle in their place.
  • Using the torn pieces of the photo put the figurines in the right places.
Maze of Realities Episode 4 Walkthrough Tent Figurines
  • Take the chemicals and put them on the table near the other vials.
  • Use the book to see what you have to do to obtain the small magnet.
  • Go to Varius’ house and check the logs in the back.
  • Use the magnet to pull out the bird amulet from between the logs.
  • Go back to the tent and use the bird on the box in front of the armchair.
  • You’ll find a decoder inside and now can check the books again and find the matching items.
Maze of Realities Episode 4 Walkthrough Tent Matching Items
  • You’ll get an ink roller when you’re finished.
  • Use it in the journal that has invisible ink, and use the decoder to understand the message.
  • Give the journal page to Gelai and go to Varius’ house to get the bird ready.
  • Give the bird the fruits and saddle, and take the ring from Varius.
  • Avoid the dark clouds as you fly on the bird till you reach Embrakh.

Task 6: Defeat Embrakh

  • Create nature elements to defeat it.
  • Look at the rocks on the left and take the kite and the tongs.
  • Put the grinder in their place and you’ll get and use the ring to take one earth element (1/4)
  • Check the rocks in the bottom left corner and use the tongs to get some hot coal.
  • Use the ring to turn it into fire element (2/4)
  • Set the kite free between the rocks on the left, that peek through the clouds.
  • Use the ring to get air element (3/4)
  • On the rocks to the right, you can put the flask and catch the water element (4/4) with the ring.
  • Send all nature elements to Embrakh and use the Abu Gorab amulet on him.
  • Connect each amulet with a line to the matching symbol.
Maze of Realities Episode 4 Walkthrough Amulet Maze

You defeated the Embrakh and the turtles will heal, saving everyone from the dangerous monster that made them sick.


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