Case Hunter Answers Level 32 – Level 37

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Here’s another walkthrough for Case Hunter Lost Chapter Level 32 to Level 37. I will give you all the answers you need so you too can finish all the levels.

Case Hunter is an interactive game of investigation. Find the hidden items, and use your analytical skills to detect the suspect’s lies!

If you love brain games, mind games, find hidden objects, logic puzzles, detective games, riddle games, brain out games, and clue detective – this game is for you, so check out the answers below.

Case Hunter – Fairytale Town – Level 32 Answer

Objective: Witch’s Formula

Case Hunter Answers Level 32

Answer: Look around to find the secret room.

  • Look at the piano and press the 4 keys in the order it shows you.
  • Take the musical note and go to the red rose and take that too.
  • There’s a cabinet next to the green door to the left.
  • Take the gingerbread man.
  • Go to the parrot and tap it to get a feather.
  • Look at the tapestry on the wall and all the items you found.
  • Enter the room, go to the cage, and take the glass.
  • Check the book in the witch’s hand to learn the formula and take the key inside.
  • Go to the cauldron and stir in the pot by tapping on the arrows.
    • red – red – green – red
  • Now fill your glass with the green potion and take it.
  • Go to the cage, open it with the key, and give the potion to the frog.

Case Hunter – Fairytale Town – Level 33 Answer

Objective: Save Alice

Case Hunter Answers Level 33

Answer: Find Alice.

  • Check the bushes on the left to find the bunny.
  • Look at the tree stump and take one bite of the cake and one sip of the water.
  • The cake is making you grow, the water is making you small.
  • Make yourself big and go scare the guard.
  • Take the bottle he dropped and then go make yourself really small.
  • Enter the new door that opened and fill the bottle with some of the liquid from the cauldron.
  • Pour some of that potion over the fish biscuits that the cat is eating.
  • Now check the cat and take the key.
  • Go to the cage and use the key to open it.
  • Go with Alice outside and give her some cake to eat.

Case Hunter – Fairytale Town – Level 34 Answer

Objective: Precious Underwear

Answer: Talk with Avid Fan:

  • I’ll swear on the hotel my grandparents passed on me.
  • Can’t you buy another pair?
  • Oh?
  • Michael’s underwear?!
  • Fine, fine. I don’t get fans like you. Where do you usually keep it?
  • You can ask your wife. She might know.
  • Why?
  • As far as I know, Michael never wears briefs.
  • Michael’s an old friend of mine and he’s got a fear of briefs.
  • Don’t be upset. I can get you Michael’s autograph.

Case Hunter – Fairytale Town – Level 35 Answer

Objective: Birth of a Star

Case Hunter Answers Level 35

Answer: Help Ariel.

  • Check the painting and take the shells.
  • Go outside to the shop.
  • Take the yellow bottle and talk to the witch.
  • Go to the table and pour the red onto the white fabric, then the blue to make it purple.
  • Go back to Ariel’s house and check the box in the bottom left corner.
  • Pour some of the liquid from the yellow bottle to get rid of the rust and take the pearl.
  • Go back to the witch and give her the purple cloth, the pearl, and the shells.
  • Take the costume to Ariel and give it to her.

Case Hunter – Fairytale Town – Level 36 Answer

Objective: The Captured Fox

Case Hunter Answers Level 36

Answer: Save the Fox

  • Go and have a sip of water to make yourself small.
  • Go through the mouse hole in the wall.
  • Check the house and take the yellow bucket.
  • Look at the table, take the bottle, and remember the drawing on the note.
  • Go outside and to the well, fill the bucket with water.
  • Fill the bottle with the shrinking potion and go back inside.
  • Go to the dead rose on the left and water it twice to find a key.
  • Go to the fireplace and extinguish it with the water.
  • Go up the fireplace to the roof and use the key to free the fox.
  • Go down the fireplace and give the fox the potion to shrink.
  • Now go outside with it and give her some cake.

Case Hunter – Fairytale Town – Level 37 Answer

Objective: Help the Lost Tom

Answer: Talk to Tom

  • Calm down. Is there anything striking nearby you?
  • Please, Tom. Tell me something useful.
  • Why are you in a forest?
  • Goodness, do you think you’re Alice?
  • What’s going on, Tom?
  • How do you know it isn’t a stray?
  • Contact the dog’s owner and ask them where the GPS is. I’ll come and get you.

Fairytale Town was an interesting theme to play, but our next stop is in Scary Town. Buckle up and check out my next article for Case Hunter Scary Town chapter.


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