Case Hunter Answers Level 11 – Level 23

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In today’s walkthrough, I will give you all the answers you need for Case Hunter Level 11 to Level 23 so you too can finish all the levels.

Case Hunter is an interactive game of investigation. Find the hidden items, and use your analytical skills to detect the suspect’s lies!

If you love brain games, mind games, find hidden objects, logic puzzles, detective games, riddle games, brain out games, and clue detective – this game is for you.

Case Hunter – Skipping School – Level 11 Answer

Objective: Farting Quietly
Vivi ate something bad and wants to fart. Create a chance for him to fart without anyone finding out.

Answer: You need to make some noise so Vivi can do it without anyone noticing it.

  • Go to the professor’s desk and look at what you need to make an explosion.
  • Go to the little boy with a yellow cap and take the pink vial from his hand.
  • Go back to the desk and pour the red vial in the empty glass jar, then the blue, and finally the pink vial.
  • The mix will explode and you’ll finish the level.

Case Hunter – Skipping School – Level 12 Answer

Objective: The Fall of a Star

Answer: Talk to the police sergeant and give these answers:

  • What happened?
  • Of course. I won’t let my grief affect my reasoning.
  • The cut on the rope looks too clean.
  • If the rope broke as a result of overload, it wouldn’t look this clean. Sharon was murdered!
  • One of them isn’t a staff member. It’s C.
  • His looks don’t match the photo on his work pass. Look into him.
  • Interrogate A from the props team.
  • He’s wearing gloves, so he must be in charge of the props.
  • It’s B!
  • As a stand-in, B is dressed just like Sharon. She must have gone to the props room.
  • Her greed resulted in the loss of a star in the theatrical world…

Case Hunter – Skipping School – Level 13 Answer

Objective: Where’d my Roommate Go
Help Coco find Kevin.

Answer: Check the room for clues.

  • Look at the bed on the left and notice it is still warm.
  • Go to the green bedstand and take the pencil from the drawer.
  • Go to the desk and look at the notebook on it.
  • Use the pencil to see what was on the missing page and take the map.
  • Talk to Coco and give him the map to finish the level.

Case Hunter – Skipping School – Level 14 Answer

Objective: Expel Zombie
A zombie is in the classroom! Please save us, Detective!

Answer: You need to drive the zombies out.

  • Take the yellow balloon and go to the window.
  • Smash the window to get a bigger hole.
  • Go to the fan and turn it on.
  • Direct it towards the zombie.
  • Look in the cabinet in the lower left corner and take the mask.
  • Now you can approach the zombie, tie the balloon on him, and the fan will take him out the window.

Case Hunter – Skipping School – Level 15 Answer

Objective: Getting a Naughty Kid to Sleep

Answer: Talk to the kid and convince her to get to sleep.

  • Why do you want one?
  • But tigers are fierce. They’ll eat all the little animals around you.
  • What about a unicorn?
  • Unicorns can only appear in dreams.

Case Hunter – Skipping School – Level 16 Answer

Objective: Three Naughty Kids
Please help me find my students! They’re skipping class.

Answer: You can look around for the missing kids.

  • Check the desk with food on and you’ll find a key under it.
  • Look at the TV and take the belt.
  • Look at the door in the top right corner.
  • Use the key to open it and you’ll find one of the kids.
  • Now you can go outside and look at the statue on the left.
  • Turn the water on the hose on and aim it at the statue to find another child.
  • Take the sewer cap and go to the crocodile.
  • Tap its head and put the lid on the hole.
  • Move to the other hole and use the belt on the crocodile’s mouth.

Case Hunter – Daily Life – Level 17 Answer

Objective: A Dog’s Worries
The dog, Vivi, has uncovered a mysterious box. Could there be a bone inside?

Answer: Help the dog reach the box.

  • On the bench, there’s a shovel you can take.
  • On the red trash can you’ll find a clue.
  • Go dig in the ground with the shovel.
  • Take the box out and write in the same code: square – circle – triangle

Case Hunter – Daily Life – Level 18 Answer

Objective: Pizza Thief

Answer: Talk to the friend and find out who stole the pizza.

  • Okay. What were you doing just now?
  • What’s wrong with the dog?
  • What did the doctor say?
  • Something difficult to digest?
  • Oh! So the dog ate my cheese pizza!

Case Hunter – Daily Life – Level 19 Answer

Objective: Where did the Ring Go?
I lost my engagement ring. Please help me find it.

Answer: Look around the park to find the ring.

  • Check out the grill and take the fishing rod and the bucket.
  • Look at the lake and use the fishing rod to catch some fish.
  • Fill the bucket with water and take it.
  • Go to the cat and give her the fish.
  • Follow her to the sand and pour the water bucket over the poo.

Case Hunter – Daily Life – Level 20 Answer

Objective: The Last Supper
This is his 50th wedding anniversary, but he is home alone today.

Answer: Help out the old man.

  • Check the box by the window and get the glue.
  • Check the old man and take half a photo of him.
  • Go to the frame and glue the half photo on the frame.
  • You can go through the door now and look in the trashcan.
  • Get the nub and look at the fridge.
  • Take the chicken from the fridge.
  • Check the sink, turn on the water, and get another nub.
  • Put the nubs to the oven and get the chicken in.
  • Take the cooked chicken and give it to the old lady.
  • She’ll put in on the table and cheer the old man.

Case Hunter – Daily Life – Level 21 Answer

Objective: Naughty Niece

Answer: Talk to your niece.

  • What are you doing, kiddo?
  • This is Agent 007 reporting.
  • I’ll buy you some.
  • Sure.
  • Who’s that?

Case Hunter – Daily Life – Level 22 Answer

Objective: Significance of Traveling
Lilith is at the low of her life. She did not do well in an important violin competition and wants to relax in a new city.

Answer: Find the key fast.

  • Check the pink bag on the floor and take the scissors.
  • Look at the TV and press the buttons in the order it says on the screen.
  • The new screen says 11.12 in the corner.
  • Use the scissors to open the lock on the box on the floor.
  • Write the code 1112 and take the key.
  • Use it to open the closet and take the jacket to give to Lilith.
  • Go outside after her and press the birds to make them sing: the pink bird – blue – green to finish the level.

Case Hunter – Daily Life – Level 23 Answer

Objective: Time Machine
Dr. Watson has invented a time machine that he’s disguised as a phone booth and placed it in the park. Would you like to give it a try?

Answer: Use the time machine.

  • Take the fishnet and catch a fish.
  • Go to the phone booth and press the middle button to go in the past.
  • Take the chicken thigh off the grill and give the fish to young Dr. Watson.
  • He’ll let go of the tree sapling.
  • Go to the phone booth again and press the first button to get even further in the past.
  • Give the barking dog the chicken thigh and you’ll find a shovel.
  • Move to the dirt patch on the left.
  • Use the shovel to dig a hole and put the tree sapling in.
  • Now go to the phone booth and to the present Dr. Watson.
  • Now the tree is all green and grown and Dr. Watson is happy.

Wrapping up

Now that you solved two more chapters of Case Hunter, you’re turning into a real detective. Next we’ll explore more stories and find out more mysteries.

Go check out my next article with answers for Case Hunter Lost chapter to find your way out and finish all the levels to move on to my next article on Case Hunter Fairytale Town.


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