Case Hunter Answers Level 1 – Level 10

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In today’s walkthrough, I will give you all the answers you need for Case Hunter Level 1 to Level 10 so you too can finish all the levels.

Case Hunter is an interactive game of investigation. Find the hidden items, and use your analytical skills to detect the suspect’s lies!

If you love brain games, mind games, find hidden objects, logic puzzles, detective games, riddle games, brain out games, and clue detective – this game is for you.

Case Hunter – Prologue – Level 1 Answer

Objective: Find the violin
The detective’s violin is damaged. How should you fix it?

Answer: This level is just a tutorial so you know how the game works.

  • The pieces of the violin are not that hard to find: one the armchair, bed (under the blanket), and in the violin case.
  • Put all the pieces together and you solved your first level.

Case Hunter – Prologue – Level 2 Answer

Objective: Locate the Mistress
I suspect my husband is having an affair. Could you find evidence of him cheating on me?

Answer: You need to make the mistress come out from under the bed.

  • Go to the glass case and get the cheese.
  • Put the cheese in front of the rat hole, on the plate.
  • Take the rat and put it under the bed.
  • The mistress will come out screaming.

Case Hunter – Prologue – Level 3 Answer

Objective: Saving the Food
The chef has injured his hand while trying to catch moles. Help him.

Answer: Go to the mole holes and use the mallet to hit a few moles in the head.

Case Hunter – Prologue – Level 4 Answer

Objective: The Fox’s Rose
The fox’s rose has withered. Can you help it get a new one?

Answer: You need to get a rose without being discovered by the witch

  • Rearrange the mirror on the piano so the beam of light goes to it.
  • Then check the table and turn that mirror so it reflects the light to the other head.
  • You’ll get a seed from that head and you can plant it in the vase between the two heads.
  • It will grow into the rose that you need.

Case Hunter – Helping the Chef – Level 5 Answer

Objective: Working in a Restaurant
The chef is sick again. Please watch over the restaurant.

Answer: Do chores around the restaurant as fast as you can.

  • Check with your customer to see what he wants.
  • Go plug in the grill and put the veggies on the stick in the right order:
    • green pepper first – mushroom second – meat last
  • Take that to your customer to finish the level.

Case Hunter – Helping the Chef – Level 6 Answer

Objective: Rescue the Cow
There is a huge fire on the farm and the cow is trapped. Please find a way to rescue the cow.

Answer: Look around the farm and check out the pipes.

  • Take the pipe on the left and complete the missing part on the water pipes.
  • Turn the corner pipe around to connect the two pieces.
  • Turn on the water from the red faucet, and the fire will be extinguished.

Case Hunter – Helping the Chef – Level 7 Answer

Objective: Greetings from an Old Friend

Answer: Talk to Dr. Watson and choose these answers:

  • Who are you?
  • What can I do for you?
  • Just the meat and nothing else?
  • Are there any signs of damage in the house?
  • Are there footprints by the window?
  • Take a photo of the footprints.
  • The thief is a stray dog.

Case Hunter – Helping the Chef – Level 8 Answer

Objective: Working in a Cafe
The chef is sick again. Please watch over the restaurant.

Answer: Check with the customer to know how he likes his coffee.

  • Put the water to boil then take the kettle.
  • Put 3 x coffee spoons in the cup, pour hot water, and add 1 sugar cube.
  • Take the coffee and take it to the customer.

Case Hunter – Helping the Chef – Level 9 Answer

Objective: Picky Customer
The chef has taken the day off. Please satisfy the demands of the customer.

Answer: Check with the customer to see what he needs.

  • Go take the bucket and go outside to the cow.
  • Put the bucket under her and get some milk.
  • Take a tomato and a carrot and go inside.
  • Put the tomato and the carrot in the pot with water on the stove.
  • Pour the tomato soup into the bowl next to the pot and take it.
  • Go to the picky customer, pour milk into his glass, and give him the bowl of tomato soup.

Case Hunter – Helping the Chef – Level 10 Answer

Objective: Helping a Police Sergeant

Answer: Talk to the police sergeant and help him out. This is what you need to say:

  • Go on.
  • Has the cause of death been determined?
  • The wet towel.
  • The blanket was wet. The murderer used a wet towel to cover her nose and mouth, which led her to suffocate to death.
  • The murderer drugged her to render her unconscious.
  • Most people can’t just purchase it. The murderer must be in a profession where they can get access to it…
  • A very important find.
  • Check the doctor’s coat.
  • The murderer would have been able to get the anesthetic easily if he were a doctor.
  • He’s the murderer! I’ll leave the rest to you, Sergeant!

Wrapping up

These first few levels were just an intro for the game so you get a feel of how it is played. I am going to play more for you and come up with the answers for the levels ahead.

Check my new article on Case Hunter Level 11 to Level 23 and for Case Hunter Level 24 to Level 31. Get all the answers you need for the levels ahead.


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