Brain Out – Tricky Riddle Games Walkthrough Level 51 – Level 100

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I can say Brain Out is an addictive game, and sometimes one of these riddles proves to be very tricky. Looking for answers stops here because I have you covered with this walkthrough for the next 50 levels of Brain Out – Tricky Riddle Games.

If the answers are not in this order, you might want to check my previous article on Brain Out walkthrough level 1 to level 50 as there’s a chance you can find your answers there.

For now, stay with me to get 50 levels worth of answers for Brain Out, which will help you play the game further without stopping.

Level 51 – Level 100 Solutions for Brain Out – Tricky Riddle Games

These tricky riddles in Brain Out are not always easy to guess, sometimes you just can’t figure out the answer. The next 50 levels, from level 51 to level 100, are going to help you advance. Check them out.

Brain Out Level 51 Answer

How many French Fries below?

Answer: 10

Brain Out Level 52 Answer

Find the Panda!

Answer: Right top corner.

Brain Out Find the Panda!

Brain Out Level 53 Answer

Damn! I can’t stand this mess!

Answer: Keep clicking the red paint on the well, till it’s clean.

Brain Out Level 54 Answer

Click the orange rectangle 3 times, then the green rectangle 5 times!

Answer: Do as it says, starting with the green one, but be careful because the orange will change color suddenly.

Brain Out Level 55 Answer

How to make your dream come true?

Answer: Click on the books behind the genie.

Brain Out How to make your dream come true

Brain Out Level 56 Answer

Which shape has the most sides?

Answer: Click on the circle.

Brain Out Level 57 Answer

Fill in the ?

Answer: 91

Brain Out Level 58 Answer

Please find the photo

Answer: Press on the box and hold while tilting the phone to the right so a photo slides out.

Brain Out Level 59 Answer

Wake up the little piggy

Answer: Hold your finger on the piggy’s nose. He’ll start turning red and wake up.

Brain Out Level 60 Answer

Help them get a blind date successfully.

Answer: Keep tapping on the dog.

Brain Out Level 61 Answer

Find the number 8

Answer: Somewhere in the upper right corner.

Brain Out Find the number 8

Brain Out Level 62 Answer

Which color is the most?

Answer: White.

Brain Out Level 63 Answer

Find out the hexagon

Answer: Put the yellow trapezoid shape on top of the orange square to create a hexagon.

Brain Out Level 64 Answer

What comes after AEBFC

Answer: G

Brain Out Level 65 Answer

Correct the equation E=F

Answer: Remove the line from E to transform it into an F.

Brain Out Level 66 Answer

What number will hour hand point to after 3 hours?

Answer: 9

Brain Out Level 67 Answer

How many chicks are there?

Answer: 11. Move the visible chicks around to reveal some hidden chicks, then move the Clear button, to find even more.

Brain Out How many chicks are there

Brain Out Level 68 Answer

ZOZO feels cold, can you find a way to warm her up?

Answer: Rub your finger on the screen to warm ZOZO up.

Brain Out Level 69 Answer

Find out the hidden stars.

Answer: Shake your phone to make the animals feel dizzy and stars will show up above their heads.

Brain Out Level 70 Answer

Make the equation true (fire matches)

Answer: Move the one a bit to the left, and the middle match from the number 8 in between them.

Brain Out Make the equation true (fire matches)

Brain Out Level 71 Answer

Find the mother hen

Answer: Keep your fingers on the chicks and swipe them to the left. The hen will come after them.

Brain Out Level 72 Answer

Add up 3 largest numbers in the following!

Answer: 24 (You have a 9, 8, and 7 on the keyboard)

Brain Out Level 73 Answer

Eat carrots again!

Answer: Drag the “Eat carrots again!” writing in between the two, so the bunny can reach the carrots.

Brain Out Eat carrots again

Brain Out Level 74 Answer

Please enter a 5-digit number password

Answer: 70773 (The word Error in the mirror looks like a 5-digit number)

Brain Out Level 75 Answer

The little elephant is so lonely

Answer: Keep your finger pressed on the little elephant, a Copy button will pop up, press it to give the elephant a buddy.

Brain Out Level 76 Answer

Light up the 4th bulb

Answer: Just press start and pause till it stops on the lightbulb with the number 4 on it.

Brain Out Level 77 Answer

Please write down a 2-digit number according to the picture.

Answer: 58

Brain Out Level 78 Answer

Which claw is similar to the cat’s outstretched claw?

Answer: Tap on the cat’s left paw.

Brain Out Level 79 Answer

A simple question! Make the following equation hold.

Answer: Press on the green 3 (the result), and rotate it so it forms the number 8 with the 3 behind.

Brain Out Make the following equation hold

Brain Out Level 80 Answer

Got to the Exit

Answer: Instead of going inside the maze, move around the maze till you reach the Exit.

Brain Out Level 81 Answer

Help Zoe to drink the juice sediment at the bottom.

Answer: Tap on the bottom of the juice glass and drag it to Zoe’s mouth.

Brain Out Level 82 Answer

Put the shapes into the right frame

Answer: Put the red shape in the frame in front of it, the same as the blue shape. Move the orange rectangle to be over the red shape and fit in the middle.

Brain Out Put the shapes into the right frame

Brain Out Level 83 Answer

Spot the differences

Answer: Drag the table under the flowers down. Tap on the middle flower.

Brain Out Level 84 Answer

How many holes does this pants have?

Answer: 9

Brain Out Level 85 Answer

What is the maximum number of pieces that a watermelon can be cut into with 10 cuts?

Answer: 1024

Brain Out Level 86 Answer

Catch the rat!

Answer: Take the wood log and hover it over the fire, it will start smoking. Bring it to the pipe above, to one end, so the rat is smoked out of that pipe.

Brain Out Catch the rat

Brain Out Level 87 Answer

How to pass this level?

Answer: Hold your finger on the mouse and drag around the screen till the little white arrow goes over the Next button. Now tap on the right click of the mouse.

Brain Out Level 88 Answer

Form a smallest possible number

Answer: 999

Brain Out Level 89 Answer

Find out the largest rectangle

Answer: Tap outside of the colored rectangles, and onto the white one surrounding them.

Brain Out Level 90 Answer

Mom is back! Help me hide gamepad!

Answer: Hide the gamepad behind your finger as you keep it pressed on it.

Brain Out Level 91 Answer

Turn this pyramid upside down in 3 moves


Brain Out Turn this pyramid upside down in 3 moves answer

Brain Out Level 92 Answer

Tap in the following order: 33
1, 6, 8, 2, 20, 17, 60, 33

Answer: Tap starting with 1, then 6… till 60, then click on the 33 in the title.

Brain Out Level 93 Answer

Help little girl eat the cake

Answer: Tap on the girl then on the right arrow to slide her off that platform onto the one under. Then tap the platform she fell on and press the left arrow so you slide the platform from under the girl’s legs and she falls onto the platform with the cake on.

Brain Out Level 94 Answer

When Zoe was 6 years old, Lulu was twice her age. Zoe is 10 years old now, how old is Lulu?

Answer: 16

Brain Out Level 95 Answer

You have to win the game again! It’s your turn now!

Answer: Drag the blue O down next to one of the Os already there, then press on an empty space to make a line with the other Os.

Brain Out You have to win the game again! It's your turn now!

Brain Out Level 96 Answer

How to eat the noodles?

Answer: Put the noodles in the bowl and poor water over them. Then hold your finger over them to cook them.

Brain Out Level 97 Answer

Move 2 matchsticks to create an upright chair.


Brain Out Move 2 matchsticks to create an upright chair

Brain Out Level 98 Answer

If CDE=EFH, then EFH=?

Answer: HFI

Brain Out Level 99 Answer

Find the Panda


Brain Out Find the Panda

Brain Out Level 100 Answer

Help little bat fall asleep

Answer: Turn your phone upside down. That’s how bats sleep.

Wrapping up

This is it for today’s Brain Out walkthrough level 51 to level 100. The answers were not always easy, but you start to understand how the game works with every level.

Keep close if you want to check out my next article on Brain Out walkthrough level 101 to level 150. If you need help, you know where to find me.

Until next time, I hope these Brain Out answers helped you advance in the game so that you can keep having fun with it.


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