Brain Out – Tricky Riddle Games Walkthrough Level 1 – Level 50

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Riddle games like Brain Out are relaxing to play, but sometimes you get stuck and can’t progress. But worry not, as I am here with the Brain Out walkthrough to help you get unstuck.

These Brain Out solutions for the first 50 levels are going to help you advance in the game. Just follow my lead and you’ll know how to complete even the most difficult levels out there.

Level 1 – Level 50 Solutions for Brain Out – Tricky Riddle Games

This game can only be played on Apple devices, iOS 11.0+, iPadOS 11.0+, or macOS 11.0+. Check out all the answers from level 1 – to level 50 for Brain Out.

Brain Out Level 1 Answer

Find the biggest one

Answer: Watermelon

Brain Out Level 2 Answer

How many ducks?

Answer: 9

Brain Out Level 3 Answer

Who is the talest one?

Answer: Sun

Brain Out Level 4 Answer

Can you find out the different one?

Answer: Pick them up till you find on that has a bite. Click on it.

Brain Out Can you find out the different one

Brain Out Level 5 Answer

Create a rectangle!

Answer: Move the square to the side of the screen so only half of it can be seen.

Brain Out Level 6 Answer

How many triangles are in a Pentagram?

Answer: 11

Brain Out Level 7 Answer

Find out the largest fire!

Answer: Combine all fires together to make a bigger fire.

Brain Out Level 8 Answer

What’s the number under the parked car?

Answer: 9

Brain Out Level 9 Answer

What mark would you give for this game?

Answer: Full Marks

Brain Out Level 10 Answer

Wake up the owl

Answer: Move the sun out of the screen so the night comes.

Brain Out Level 11 Answer

Please write down the correct answer

Answer: 9

Brain Out Level 12 Answer

Tap fruits from left to right, then tap the hexagon, circle, and rectangle

Answer: Tap in order: 1. Banana; 2. Strawberry; 3. Hexagon; 4. Circle; 5. Rectangle

Brain Out Level 13 Answer

You have to win the game!

Answer: Put your two blue circles to create a horizontal line right in the middle, by using two fingers at a time.

Brain Out You have to win the game

Brain Out Level 14 Answer

Find the chick

Answer: Give each chicken a good shake till a chick falls from one of them.

Brain Out Level 15 Answer

Find the darkest color on the screen

Answer: Tap the title of this level, as it’s written in black.

Brain Out Level 16 Answer

Count the number of hairs.

Answer: Remove the extra hair and you’ll reveal only 3 hairs.

Brain Out Level 17 Answer

Help baby duckling drink water

Answer: Move the duckling up till it reaches the puddle.

Brain Out Level 18 Answer

Brain Out Can you solve this question answer 2

Can you solve this question?

Answer: Move the underline from the first 1 to the question mark at the end to make a 2.

Brain Out Level 19 Answer

Find something you can eat?

Answer: Put the pink paw mark over the red-like shape next

Brain Out Find Something you can eat

Brain Out Level 20 Answer

Animals are having a sport meeting. Bunny, monkey, and pony are racing now. Help bunny to win.

Answer: Tap on the Go blu button till the bunny reaches the finish line.

Brain Out Level 21 Answer

HELP! Where’s my ring?

Answer: Open the can of food and give it to the dog. The puppy will reveal the ring soon after.

Brain Out Level 22 Answer

What letters of alphabet people like to listen to the most?

Answer: CD

Brain Out Level 23 Answer

No Smocking

Answer: Put out the cigarette by removing the lighted end.

Brain Out Level 24 Answer

Put 3 coins into piggy bank, how many coins are there now?

Answer: 15. After you tap on the piggy bank to break it, more will be revealed.

Brain Out Level 25 Answer

So hungry! Make something to eat!

Answer: Remove the houses, then take the white cloud, bring it up under the smiley face, and remove the face features. You’ve made eggs.

Brain Out Make something to eat

Brain Out Level 26 Answer

What is the minimum cuts needed to cut a circle into 8 equal parts

Answer: 1

Brain Out Level 27 Answer

How many ants

Answer: 17. Tap the anthill and count the ants.

Brain Out Level 28 Answer

Find out the rule and write down the answer!

Answer: 9

Brain Out Level 29 Answer

Tap a butterfly above the texts!

Answer: Pull down the title text to be under the butterfly image on the screen.

Brain Out Level 3o Answer

Please turn on the fan

Answer: Put two fingers on each end of the red wire.

Brain Out Turn on the fan

Brain Out Level 31 Answer

Find 8 animals

Answer: Tap on: 1. Owl, 2. Girl, 3. Grasshopper, 4. Animal behind the tree, 5. Cricket in front of the rock, 6. Butterfly, 7. Bird, 8. Tap the cloud until it rains, then tap the earthworm that comes out.

Brain Out Find 8 animals

Brain Out Level 32 Answer

Help baby fall asleep

Answer: Shake the phone to riock the baby to sleep.

Brain Out Level 33 Answer

A cliche question. Who would you save? Your mom or your girlfriend?

Answer: Shake the phone to wake up.

Brain Out Who would you save - Your mom or your girlfriend

Brain Out Level 34 Answer

Drive the car to the road sign.

Answer: Remove the cloud from the sun, so it melts the block of ice in the road.

Brain Out Level 35 Answer

How to eat Carrots?

Answer: Bring the carrot to the bunny.

Brain Out Level 36 Answer

Help them cross the river

Answer: Pinch the boat in the distance to make it bigger and fit in the gap.

Brain Out Level 37 Answer

What 3 numbers add up to 12

Answer: Tap on 3 (twice)+6=12

Brain Out Level 38 Answer

Put everything into the box

Answer: Everything goes in, including the writing.

Brain Out Level 39 Answer


Answer: Instead of trying to catch it with the hammer, bring the mole down to the hamer.

Brain Out Level 40 Answer

Rescue giraffe

Answer: Move the key to the lock.

Brain Out Level 41 Answer

Can you solve this question?

Brain Out Can you solve this question

Answer: 39

Brain Out Can you solve this question answer

Brain Out Level 42 Answer

Find out the objects

Answer: Tap on each object till you find all of them.

Brain Out Level 43 Answer

Oh god! ZOZO overslept! Wake her up!

Answer: Tap and hold the finger on the door until it opens.

Brain Out Level 44 Answer

If 1=5, 2=15, 3=215, 4=3215, then 5=?

Answer: 1

Brain Out Level 45 Answer

Which cup will get filled first?

Answer: Remove the cup no. 1 from the picture, then tap on cup no. 4

Brain Out Level 46 Answer

Move 1 matchstick to make a biggest number?

Answer: 909

Brain Out Level 47 Answer

Find something you can not eat?

Answer: Remove the hen and tap the nest.

Brain Out Level 48 Answer

Help Tom to get her notice

Answer: Give the girl’s purse to the boy.

Brain Out Level 49 Answer

Find the aliens

Answer: Move the UFO around closer to the ground, an alien will come out of it.

Brain Out Level 50 Answer

Correct the direction

Answer: Twist the phone in your hand to match the arrows directions.

Brain Out Bonus Sudoku Answer

Fill the right boxes


Brain Out Sudoku Answer

Wrapping up

There are lots of levels you can enjoy from here on in Brain Out. Even if they aren’t in the order I posted them, you can still find the answers you need within them.

Make sure you write the requirement of the level you’re at when looking for the answers to any Brain Out level, it will help you with the search.

Keep a close watch for more levels for this fun logic puzzle game. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for in this article, you’ll surely find it in my next one, Brain Out – Tricky Riddle Games walkthrough Level 51 – Level 100.


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