BitLife – All Driving Test Answers to Get Your License Easily

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Getting your driver’s license in BitLife is no longer as easy as it was years ago when the game was launched. Now, you have to take and pass the driving test in order to be able to drive a car.

I still remember how much I disliked learning everything for my real life driving test, so I doubt any of you want to go through the learning stages just to get your license in the game.

That’s why I am here to help and share with you all the driving test answers in BitLife. All questions will ask you to identify the meaning of a particular road sign.

While these should be really easy for an experienced driver, not everybody knows them. But things change now, so read on for all the answers below!

Bitlife Driving Test Answers

Simply check out the list below for the sign you have to guess in the game – I am listing its meaning ABOVE the image.

1. Circular Intersection

circular intersection answer

2. Fire Station

fire station answer

3. Divided highway

divided highway answer

4. Signal ahead

signal ahead answer

5. Yield Ahead

yield ahead

6. Two Way Traffic

two way traffic

7. Hill ahead

hill ahead

8. Side road

side road

9. Road narrows

road narrows

10. Y Intersection

y intersection

11. Slippery when wet

slippery when wet

12. Crossroad


13. Right lane ends

right lane ends

14. Deer crossing

Deer crossing

15. Cattle crossing

cattle crossing

16. Farm Machinery Crossing

Farm Machinery Crossing

17. Truck crossing

truck crossing

18. Snowmobile crossing

snowmobile crossing

19. T Intersection

t intersection

20. Added lane

added lane

21. Handicapped crossing

handicapped crossing

22. Playground ahead

Playground ahead

23. Sharp curve

Sharp curve

24. Route marker

route marker

25. No pedestrians

No pedestrians

26. No U-Turns

No U-Turns

27. 4-Way Stop

4 way stop

28. No Parking

No Parking

29. Flagger ahead

flagger ahead


These are all the Bitlife driving test answers. You will easily pass the exams now by simply checking out the signs in the article and choosing the correct answer.

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