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A fairly highly ranking game on the iTunes free games chart when I downloaded it a few days, and as a fan of extreme sports I thought “oh this should be a good download and a good many hours of fun.” How wrong it appears I was!
Bike Racing is a fairly basic game with the objective to gain as many of the three medals available for each level, one for gathering the specific number of ‘tokens’ on each level, one for never falling off the bike and one for a ‘high-score’ from tricks and collecting ‘stars’. And along with the concept of the game being basic so is the rest of the game itself, the controls are so simple only two buttons are used one to pedal which needs to be repeatedly tapped, which is annoying, a hold down feature to keep peddling would be much better. The other button is simply a ‘jump’ button, the game automatically performs different tricks when jump button is pressed, which ruins the whole fun part of the game as you have no control over which trick to do and each trick is worth exactly the same 100 points. This simple two button layout is very poor, even an original Gameboy had more buttons than this game and honestly an original Gameboy is so much more fun.
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Every level is basically the same layout and system and so after about 3 levels out of the 60 or so that the game has your already bored and will turn the game off. The graphics are fairly poor, not the worst I’ve ever seen but definitely not amazing. One tiny redeeming feature with the game is that I like the music on the menu screen but no one will download a game just to leave it on the menu to listen to the tune.
Overall it’s not a game you want to be downloading- it’s dreary, too simple, badly produced and I’m amazed it ever reached the top 100 on iTunes, I expect many people fell for it in the same way I did.

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