The Walking Dead Review: An Emotional Thriller From The Apocalypse

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The Walking Dead, a popular comic and television series, got its game adaptation back in April 2012. Released in stages as episodes throughout the year, it finished up in November last year with its retail hard copy soon following.

The Walking Dead has its exciting, fast action moments as well as in depth dialogue where you get the constant feeling of anticipation, waiting for the moment when you’re going to have to make your move. You take the role of lee, a convicted murderer who is caught in the chaotic world of zombies, survivors and guns, lots of guns.

For those that have not entered The Walking Dead universe before, I will set the scene. The world has been struck by a deadly virus, spread through scratch or bite. First the victim contacts a malevolent fever, from which they quickly die, but soon after they begin to walk, searching for food and people to strip of their scrumptious body parts. This leaves the survivors to survive by any means possible, morals are out of the question for some.

Bandits, walkers, the sane and the insane, survivors and the dead, The Walking Dead makes for a thrilling and emotionally intense game. The detail into not only the comic like graphics, but also the story continues to amaze and that is why it is a smash hit throughout the industry. This point and click adventure truly expands the boundaries of the genre, more of an interactive movie in itself. If you haven’t tried it out yet, head over to the app store and try out the first episode for free, the Walking Dead is something that you must experience.


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