Beastie Bay Review (iPhone, iPad)

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Now what I always found annoying was the lack of any sort of Pokemon game available on iOS, and if I’m completely honest I think this is just silly of Nintendo. But anyway this isn’t about that however I think that “Beastie Bay” may have filled the Pokemon shaped hole in my iPhone. From the very first glance at the game you can see the graphic style and the battle scenes are very similar if not pretty much exactly the same as the old school Pokemon games we all remember from our childhoods and for some of us a bit in our adult lives.

Obviously the storyline of the game and the ‘creatures’ that you keep are different from Pokemon. The storyline seems to be more of building a life and civilization and using your ‘pet’ to aid you with your exploration of new lands. The pets you keep and collect are, this time real animals not made up creatures from the minds of Nintendo games creators, which I think is much better as it adds a realistic element to the game which I think is fresh and improves the storyline of the game if anything. The game is loosely a type of civilization and adventure game, you collect wood, food and money through farming and wood mills etc which you then use to build and explore, the object is to build and explore the best you can, it’s very addictive from the moment you start playing and I know I’ll be playing much more Beastie Bay.

As for the graphics, they are fairly old school and do reflect the Pokemon style game and even with today’s quality of game that are available for what Beastie Bay is I think these graphics are well suited and really work well. As for the sounds the tune might eventually get on your nerves as it just seems to repeat a simple tune but apart from this nothing wrong with it at all and altogether makes the game very enjoyable.

Overall it’s a great and fairly complex game which I think will have a long lifespan and until Nintendo decide to release old versions of their Pokemon games or come up with some iOS specific Pokemon, Beastie Bay will stay at the top of it’s retro old school RPG genre.

iTunes Link: Beastie Bay


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