50 Tiny Room Escape Walkthrough Level 18

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Here’s another walkthrough for 50 Tiny Room Escape Level 18. Here you’ll find new clues to help you escape, and we’re going to help Camila get out eventually.

In my last walkthrough for 50 Tiny Room Escape level 17, we encountered more puzzles and patterns we had to solve to find our way out.

Follow my walkthrough below to help her get out and reach the final door of her imprisonment.

50 Tiny Room Escape Level 18 Melody – Walkthrough

50 Tiny Room Escape Walkthrough Level 18
  • Take a look at the red couch, move the newspaper to the side, and take the key.
  • Get a closer look at the guitar, and turn it around to notice the writing on the back:
    • Winner in the ‘Guiding STAR‘ category 19.08.2001
  • Go to the piano and take the card on the shelf above it.
  • Take the musical notes from the stand.
  • Check the cabinet under the musical notes on the wall.
  • Pull on the drawers in the order of the notes on the wall: ğ„ž – ♬ – ♪ – 𝅘𝅥𝅯 – ♩
  • Take the red arrow from the hidden drawer.
  • Look at the musical notes in your inventory, and pull the drawers in this order (the only row that has all the symbols on the drawers):
50 Tiny Room Escape Walkthrough Level 18 musical notes
  • You’ll find a string in the drawer that opens on the top.
  • Take the blue book on the side of the cabinet.
  • Turn the room around and take the frame from the wall to look at its back.
    • Ceremony of awarding “The GOLDEN Melody” 2013
  • The golden sol key on the piano has another inscription:
    • Music DISCOVERY 2011
  • Behind the red couch, there’s a card.
  • Turn the room again to look at the shelf and take the golden microphone to read:
    • VOICE of Modernity 2009
  • And another card on a lower shelf.
  • Put the red arrow on the missing spot here and turn all arrows to point at the locked drawer.
  • Take the string from here.
  • Go to the three records on the wall and look at the yellow one.
    • WOODsock Festival 2005
  • Now go to the books on the shelf above the piano and put the book you found on it.
  • Set them in order of the years you found on the clues:
    • blue – gray – red – green – yellow
  • The piano keys are unlocked, so use the key to open the piano.
  • Add the two strings in the missing spots.
  • Look at the black and white wall and turn on the lights under it.
  • Remember the red dotes order and go sing those notes at the piano:
    • Mi – La – Fa – Re – Sol
  • The door of the room will open and you can go out.

My video walkthrough of this level is below:

Wrapping up

Another successful room escape for Camila, but it still seems like there are more rooms to come for her, although I feel we’re getting close.

Soon I’ll add the next level walkthrough for 50 Tiny Room Escape level 19, to help you out with the clues you need to escape.


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