Wordscapes Answers: Sunrise Solution to Levels 1 – 12 (Rise, Grow & Shine Stages)

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Wordscapes is a beautiful and extremely challenging word puzzle game for mobile and we absolutely love it. We’re here to share a complete set of answers for Wordscapes and we’re taking it slow and systematically, with answers for each of the various stages of the game.

In today’s article, we’re starting from the beginning: the solution to the Wordscapes Sunrise stage. In other words, we have the solution to the Rise, Grow and Shine stages, which means that we have the answers to the first 12 levels in the game.

Yes, I know, all these stages and sub-stages and levels are a bit difficult to follow at first and confusing – but only when you talk about them. In the game itself, they flow easily from one to the other and there will be no confusion involved. Unless you can’t figure out a word – but that’s why we’re here.

So let’s focus on today’s task and check out the Wordscapes answers for levels 1 – 12 (the Rise, Grow and Shine stages in Sunrise).

Note: We realized after the first few levels that you can’t go back and check out the completed ones and this is why we don’t have screenshots for the first few levels. But afterwards, there’s also a screenshot to make your life easier!

Wordscapes Answers: Rise Level 1

Words (the order in which you create them doesn’t matter): Cat, Act

Wordscapes Answers: Rise Level 2

Solution: Own, Won, Now

Wordscapes Answers: Rise Level 3

Solution: Are, Ear, Era

Wordscapes Answers: Rise Level 4

Solution: Tap, Pat, Apt

Wordscapes Answers: Grow Level 5

Solution: Rid, Rip, Drip, Dip

Wordscapes Answers: Grow Level 6

Solution:Fir, Fair, Air, Far

Wordscapes Answers: Grow Level 7

Solution: Tend, Ten, End, Den, Dent, Net

Wordscapes Answers: Grow Level 8

Solution: Rap, Par, Park, Ark

Wordscapes Answers: Shine Level 9

Solution: Nut, Not, Ton, Out, Unto

Wordscapes Answers: Shine Level 10

Solution: Lad, Lady, Lay, Day

Wordscapes Answers: Shine Level 11

Solution: Beta, Bat, Eat, Ate, Beat, Tab, Bet, Tea

Wordscapes Answers: Shine Level 12

Solution: Bar, Bra, Barn, Ban, Nab, Ran, Bran

And this is it! We have completed the first major stage of the game – Sunshine and all its stages for a total of 12 levels. The upcoming stages are more difficult and interesting and we’re going to share the answers soon – so make sure to visit us often if you want all the answers for Wordscapes.

UPDATE: We started working on the Forest stage and you check out the answers here for levels 13 – 48.


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