Wordscapes Answers Level 13 – Level 48 (Forest Stage: Pine, Dew & Flow Answers)

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We’re back with more answers for Wordscapes, the beautiful puzzle game available on mobile. With thousands of words to guess, things definitely get difficult eventually and we’re here to help.

In today’s article, we’re sharing the Wordscapes answers to the Forest stage: a complete solution for the Pine, Dew and Flow sub-stages. In other words, we’re sharing the answers for levels 13 to 48 in Wordscapes. Now that’s a ton of words to make you go dizzy!

Don’t forget that we have published even more articles in the series, so if you still need help with the first stage, you can check them out in our Wordscapes Sunrise answers article.

And now let’s move on and check out the Wordscapes answers for levels 13 to 48, aka the Forest stage!

Wordscapes Answers: Pine Level 13

Solution: Saved, Save, Vase, Sad, Ads

Wordscapes Answers: Pine Level 14

Solution: Dole, Loved, Ode, Old, Dove, Led, Love, Doe

Wordscapes Answers: Pine Level 15

Solution: Sigh, Sit, His, This, Its, Sight, Hit

Wordscapes Answers: Pine Level 16

Solution: Tar, Car, Cat, Tract, Art, Rat, Cart

Wordscapes Answers: Pine Level 17

Solution: Could, Cod, Loud, Doc, Cloud, Duo, Cold

Wordscapes Answers: Pine Level 18

Solution: Bald, Lab, Bland, Ban, Land, Nab, Band, Bad

Wordscapes Answers: Pine Level 19

Solution: Gel, Leg, Glee, Eagle, Ale, Gal, Lag, Age

Wordscapes Answers: Pine Level 20

Solution: Heal, Sea, Seal, Leash, Ash, Has, Ale, She, Sale

Wordscapes Answers: Dew Level 21

Solution: Cab, Cabs, Scuba, Cubs, Cub, Abs

Wordscapes Answers: Dew Level 22

Solution: Ore, Rose, Lose, Sore, Roles, Sole

Wordscapes Answers: Dew Level 23

Solution: Con, One, Clone, Lone, Cone, Once

Wordscapes Answers: Dew Level 24

Solution: Thin, Hit, Ink, Kit, Think, Hint, Tin, Kin

Wordscapes Answers: Dew Level 25

Solution: App, Apply, Pal, Lap, Play, Pay

Wordscapes Answers: Dew Level 26

Solution: Peaks, Peas, Sap, Spa, Ask, Sea, Speak, Ape, Peak

Wordscapes Answers: Dew Level 27

Solution: Silo, Soil, Oil, Slid, Lid, Old, Idol, Solid, Sod, Sold

Wordscapes Answers: Dew Level 28

Solution: Law, Arc, Claw, Crawl, Raw, War

Wordscapes Answers: Dew Level 29

Solution: Pan, Piano, Pain, Nap, Pin, Ion

Wordscapes Answers: Dew Level 30

Solution: Saw, Swarm, Warm, Arm, Mar, Ram, Was, Swam

Wordscapes Answers: Dew Level 31

Solution: Did, Diced, Ice, Dice, Iced

Wordscapes Answers: Dew Level 32

Solution: Lug, Led, Dug, Glued, Duel, Due, Glue

Wordscapes Answers: Flow Level 33

Solution: Tent, Then, The, Tenth, Net, Hen, Ten

Wordscapes Answers: Flow Level 34

Solution: Satin, Stain, Tan, Saint, Sin, Its, Tins, Sit, Ant

Wordscapes Answers: Flow Level 35

Solution: Style, Yet, Sly, Lets, Yes, Set, Lest

Wordscapes Answers: Flow Level 36

Solution: Dim, Dice, Medic, Iced, Dime, Mid, Mice

Wordscapes Answers: Flow Level 37

Solution: Grand, Nag, Ran, Darn, Rang, Grad, And, Drag, Rag

Wordscapes Answers: Flow Level 38

Solution: Tin, Inn, Hint, Thin, Ninth

Wordscapes Answers: Flow Level 39

Solution: Tube, Rut, Bet, True, Brute, Tuber, But, Tub, Rub

Wordscapes Answers: Flow Level 40

Solution: Sure, Rug, Urges, User, Surge, Sue

Wordscapes Answers: Flow Level 41

Solution: Chop, Cop, Pro, Porch, Hop, Crop

Wordscapes Answers: Flow Level 42

Solution: Foe, For, Force, Core, Fore

Wordscapes Answers: Flow Level 43

Solution: Raid, Rain, And, Aid, Drain, Ran, Rid, Rind, Darn

Wordscapes Answers: Flow Level 44

Solution: Alike, Like, Leak, Elk, Lake, Lie

Wordscapes Answers: Flow Level 45

Solution: Dug, Drug, Urge, Rug, Urged, Due, Red, Rude

Wordscapes Answers: Flow Level 46

Solution: Are, Bear, Bare, Ear, Bra, Bar, Crab, Car, Care, Era, Race, Brace

Wordscapes Answers: Flow Level 47

Solution: Was, Wars, Swat, Saw, Straw, Sat, Tar, Art, Rat, Star

Wordscapes Answers: Flow Level 48

Solution: Marry, May, Ram, Ray, Army, Arm, Mar

And this is it! These new stages were surely more complicated than those in the first chapter, and we still have two more sub-stages left until we complete the Forest stage. But we’ll share those answers with you in an upcoming article, so stay tuned!


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