Harry Potter Wizards Unite: How To Make The Game Run Faster?

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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is definitely amazing, but unfortunately you can run into performance issues when playing it on an older phone… or even a new one that doesn’t have amazing specifications.

But in today’s article, I will share with you all the methods that you have available to make Wizards Unite run faster on your mobile phone, and therefore make sure that you never miscast a spell because of a laggy phone or game.

So, there are a few things that you should do in order to improve the game’s performance:

1. First and most important, you should download the game’s assets. This is a massive download of around 3.3 GB right now, but these are assets that once downloaded, will always be available instantly in the game and Wizards Unite won’t have to download them each time you play.

So if you do this, you will tremendously increase the speed of your game, reduce lag and get a smoother gameplay experience overall. Just prepare for a bit of a wait downloading all the assets.

In order to download the game’s assets to make Wizards Unite run faster, first tap the Suitcase icon at the bottom of the screen, then in the new screen tap the gears icon in the top left.

This will bring up the Settings screen – simply scroll down until you find the option “Download assets” and tap it to let the real magic happen.

2. Another thing that will help the game run faster is turning AR off. Yes, it won’t be as fun as hunting for the foundables around you and blasting spells towards creatures standing on your bed, but it will be faster.

We’ve created a full guide on how to turn off AR in the game, but the short version is: go to your game’s settings and disable Augmented Reality under the Camera settings. That’s it!

3. Finally, in order to make sure that your phone allocates as many resources as possible to the game itself, you should turn off and force quit all other apps running in the background, leaving Harry Potter: Wizards Unite as the only app running on your phone

Using these methods, you will get a nice performance boost in the game, making it more enjoyable and playable on older phones too.

If you manage to find a different way to make the game run faster, don’t hesitate to share your methods with us in the comments section below.


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