Harry Potter Wizards Unite: How To Get More XP And Level Up Fast

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If you’re just starting to play and you want to level up fast in Harry Potter Wizards Unite, you’re at the right place as this is exactly the guide that we’re sharing with you today.

The truth is that you are going to need quite a lot of XP to reach the maximum level in the game, so in today’s article we are going to tell you how to get more XP & level up fast in Wizards Unite!

No matter what your current level is, as long as it’s not 60, you can still get more XP and level up.

So there are quite a few things you might want to take into consideration for this, and that is learning exactly all the ways that you can gain EXP fast.

All the ways to get XP in Harry Potter Wizards Unite:

– You can get XP by discovering Foundables.

– You can get XP by completing some Achievements (some of them give EXP, check our Achievements list to see which).

– You can get experience by doing Daily Quests.

– You can get XP by claiming your “Daily Treasure” rewards (log in every day in the game for a new reward).

– You can get XP from the S.O.S. Assignments (Daily Assignments -> SOS tab -> there you can see the S.O.S. Assignments).

– You get more XP when you discover new Foundables.

– You get more XP when you use new spells.

– You get XP when completing Fortresses.

– You could get XP from opening Portkey Portmanteaus.

Experience gain and discovering Foundables

Every time you discover a new Foundable, you will gain an extra 250 EXP. This only applies for the first time encounter (when you restore or capture a Foundable) for the first time and register it.

There is also a 200 EXP bonus you can get whenever you cast a new spell, so this will mostly apply at the very early stages of the game, when you haven’t had that many encounters yet.

However, every time you cast any spell and you capture / restore the Foundable with the first cast, there is an extra 10 EXP for you! This will apply every time you succeed your spell the first time during that encounter!

There is also bonus EXP you get depending on the threat that Confoundable- Foundable duo poses, so pay attention to the light above the flag which appears on the map.

If there is none, then the threat is low. For low threat, you get 50 EXP (which is what most of your encounters will be).

Low threat = +50 EXP

Medium threat = +75 EXP

High threat = +150 EXP

Severe threat = +250 EXP

Emergency threat = +500 EXP – but don’t expect to see that too often!

Along with the threat they pose, the quality of your spell will also give you a boost in EXP, which is why you should master spell casting, so you will always get Masterful which gives the most points.

Fair = +0 EXP – but you will most likely never fail that badly

Good = +20 EXP

Great = +50 EXP

Masterful = +100 EXP

How to get more EXP in Wizards Unite fast

I have a few suggestions for you on how you can get EXP fast in HPWU, but those will help at the beginning more than they will later on, so if you want to pass through the early levels fast, this is what you can do:

– When you log in the game, you might have some encounters. Before you tap on any of them, go to your Vault and open a Baruffio’s Brain Elixir. This will give you double EXP from Traces for 30 minutes.

– If you are going on a walk downtown, make sure you use Baruffio’s because there you will most likely have many more encounters and those 30 minutes will not get to waste at all.

– Even if you only log for a little bit, at start you can use Batuffio’s Brain Elixir before capturing the Foundables, because that will count, and try to get Masterful on your Spell cast. It will help!

– If you are playing with friends, go do Fortresses and activate Baruffio’s.

Basically no matter what you do, if you are in game and you plan on keeping it open for longer than 1 minute, then use Baruffio’s.

– Always try to complete your Daily Assignments, because they give useful rewards, along with EXP.

And this would be it – you know now not only all the things that you can do in the game in order to gain XP points, but also some tricks on how to get experience faster in the game.

If you have other methods that are working well, don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comment section below!


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