TrainTown Tips, Cheats & Beginner’s Guide to Restore the Town

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Check out our TrainTown Beginner’s Guide below to learn how to play the game better! Our game tips will help you improve your play, complete all levels with a three star rating and restore the ravaged town back to its former glory.

An interesting mash-up of a merging game and puzzle / time management elements, TrainTown by mafgames keeps you busy and entertained with its short gaming session bursts.

Your goal here is to restore a town ravaged by a tornado. In order to do so, you need to complete puzzles at various train stations by merging items and meeting the requirements. As a result, you will receive items as rewards and you will be allowed to use those to rebuild houses and roads.

An interesting mixture that can be described as Gardenscapes meets Merge Plane, TrainTown is fun, easy to play and really enjoyable. Now let’s check out some tips for the game!

1. Focus on completing the missions

Your main focus in the game should be that of completing all the missions as fast as possible. Completing the missions helps unlock more chapters. This means, more buildings and rennovations for you to do.

Missions usually follow the same patterns. You can plan ahead a little bit, if you have extra resources available and want to speed things up a bit.

For example, you will always have to restore all tiles to unlock the next chapter. If you have extra money, you can work on this in advance. Same goes with upgrading existing buildings and collecting materials.

Nothing you can do in Train Town can be considered wasted – you will need everything to progress, eventually. So you can always get ahead of the missions if you have resources available.

2. Upgrade all unlocked buildings ASAP

Buildings produce lots of coins. Upgraded buildings produce even more coins, be it from products you craft (like in the Bakery) or from waiting (most other buildings).

They also become a bit more effective, because upgraded building need more time to produce coins. This means that you don’t have to constantly check the game in order to collect the money.

3. Work on various events in businesses

The various businesses that you will unlock in the game, like the Bakery, can hold events which make you more money. Unlike regular buildings, these work a bit differently: you have the option to select which item to produce, depensing on the structure’s level.

Some events take longer than others to complete and you should carefully plan this ahead in order to optimize your income: start working on events that need less time when you start playing the game, then work on those that need more time to complete when you log out.

This way, you will be able to collect some income while completing the levels and keep the money flowing.

Make sure to also spend premium currency to unlock extra slots in these businesses: the more slots you have, the more products you can queue up and therefore the more money you will make.

4. In new areas, restore houses first

When you start a new chapter and unlock a new area in the game, work on unlocking the houses first.

You will need to clear the rubble toward them, then unlock their spots. You should do this in all areas because it is these spots that actually make some money in idle mode and help you progress faster.

There is no point in unlocking the roads instead – while you do need them to complete a chapter, they should be unlocked last because they have no financial gains for you.

5. Complete as many levels as possible

I would say that the first 20 levels in the game are still a tutorial of sorts and are extremely easy. Therefore, you should rush through the levels as fast as possible and complete as many as you can.

This way, you will have access to multiple resources, which will be needed for you to unlock and upgrade buildings in the city.

6. Replay levels to get more resources

You don’t have to always complete new levels in order to get the resources required in the town. Usually, replaying older levels will work just as well.

If you need a particular resource, simply tap the magnifying glass icon next to it in the build menu. You will be taken to the levels map and shown where you can get it from.

I recommend choosing levels that reward you multiple items, because you will surely need them all sooner or later.

It’s also a good idea to try and remember (maybe even write down) which levels can be completed faster: as long as you get the rewards you need, you shouldn’t spend extra time on a difficult level.

If you want a boost, after completing a level you can watch a video ad. This will give you one extra item reward. These vary from level to level and are not always useful, but you should keep an eye on them and watch the ad if you need it.

7. Take your time to strategize a bit before every stage

Unlike in other merging games, here you will be treated with puzzle-like levels where you need to meet some requirements to complete a mission.

Early on, these are extremely simple and straightforward. But later on, you will need to do some strategizing in order to complete the levels.

Have in mind that you should always merge 5 items if you can, in order to get the bonus. Also, if you plan your matches ahead and can make combos, you will receive an extra item when you do so. Sometimes, you will need to do that in order to master a level.

So before starting each new level, take a few seconds to look at the board and plan your moves ahead. Usually, if you need to create a resource producing tile, like the fire for the ice-melting water, it’s a good idea to get those first in order to reduce the total waiting time you’ll have to do.

8. Log in often throughout the day

Especially early on in the game, the buildings in your newly restored town will produce coins really fast. Even afterwards, your buildings will produce coins in several minutes, up to an hour.

Therefore, if you want to make sure that you collect as much money as you can throughout the day, it’s a good idea to log in often and just do that: collect money. Getting into the game at least a couple of times per hour is ideal to have a nice coin flow, especially early on in the game.

These are our tips for the Train Town mobile game. They will definitely help you have a good grasp on the gameplay and restore the town to greatness. If you have additional questions, leave a comment below!


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