Green the Planet Cheats & Tips for Greening All the Planets

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Green the Planet (shown only as the “Greening” app on your iPhone or iPad) is a really strange game: extremely simple in concept and with an insanely slow and repetitive gameplay, but still somehow extremely addictive as well.

In my case at least, I find it really difficult to put the game down as I am doing my best to green the planets – all of them – and never stop. It’s for a good cause, in the end, right?

Well, game-praising aside, I am here to share with you some Green the Planet cheats and tips that will hopefully help your Greening process and fun that you have while playing this game.

So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out the Green the Planet / Greening tips and tricks below!

1. The Auto Collector helps a lot

Make sure that you build it and upgrade it all the way to level 9 before leaving the game for the first time – this way, you will get a ton of coins or whatever the E’s are called in the game.

And everything happens while you’re not playing, so it’s definitely useful extra money. The Auto Collector, therefore, is a must!

2. The Missile is Enough

When it comes to weapons, whenever you start a new game, I would recommend you to focus on the Missile one and only on it – I haven’t met the planet where the Missile is not enough and the best option, actually.

It easily takes down all comets and therefore you get the most coins. The Cannon is the second best choice only if you are not strong enough to destroy the comets with the other two weapons as it has them drop some loot even before completely exploding.

Finally, the laser is only good for those times when you get a lot of packed comets, but honestly I never found any that can’t be easily taken down with the Missiles. So only upgrade those and save a lot of money!

3. Upgrade the Comet Detector too!

Extremely important is the Comet Detector – and it’s probably the best item to upgrade as much as possible early on (during the first planet, if possible) because it’s the only upgrade type that sticks with you throughout the game.

So if you have it at level 10 in one mission, you’ll start with it at level 10. So it makes a lot of sense to have it upgraded to at least level 10 early on – and I would focus more on the Speed rather than Rate.

4. Shoot early

My strategy, to make sure that I can take down even the most difficult comets, is to shoot the missiles regularly at the left side of the screen.

Since it’s homing missiles that we’re talking about, as soon as a comet enters the screen on the right side, they will go towards it, usually granting you a few extra hits and exactly what you need to destroy all comets.

5. Save energy

Greening planets is really fun, but eventually you will have to move on. When you do, you start from scratch, but with an important bonus: the energy from the previous level carries over.

This means that you should always try to save as much energy as possible before moving on to a new planet in order to get a head start there.

Apart from this, there’s not a lot I can help you with – Green the Planet is a slow paced, relaxing game where you should invest time and enjoy a simply, relaxing product. So have fun and go out there to green all those planets!


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2 thoughts on “Green the Planet Cheats & Tips for Greening All the Planets”

  1. For an easy auto-attack for easy money:  

    1 run the game on an iPad
    2 set the iPad on a flat surface
    3 set an iPhone 4 on it’s side on the screen
    4 voila – the gun continuously fires

    If you’ve got your missiles maxed, just let it run – effortless cash.

  2. I finally got all the items after months of playing this game. Spoiler alert: the last item you get is also the last flower listed in the Spaceship Library: The (Dandelion) Puffball.


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