Splashy Fish Cheats: Tips & Tricks for the Ultimate High Score

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The true Flappy Bird clone is here with Splashy Fish, a game that’s almost identical with the original which can no longer be downloaded from the App Store. And since it’s identical, a set of Splashy Fish cheats are required because this game is insanely difficult and frustrating! So if you want to know how to win Splashy Fish, check out our set of Splashy Fish Cheats: Tips & Tricks for the Ultimate High Score below.

1. Learn to relax
Probably the best advice that can be given for those playing Splashy Fish. It will enrage you, it will drive you crazy, because it’s a virtually impossible game. The angrier you get, the worse you will play, so learn to relax, otherwise you’re doomed and all the fun of this game disappears. Take short breaks if necessary to get your mind off the game and start anew. Relax and your record breaking score is in sight!

2. Keep an eye on the bottom pipe
Column, pipe, whatever. The idea is that the most important part in the game is that bottom pipe and you should keep an eye on it at all times. The idea is to tap the screen exactly when the Splashy Fish is about to hit the bottom column. If you manage to master this, you are 90% ready to challenge the highest score at this game.

3. Master the taps
The rest of 10% when it comes to skill and winning the game comes from mastering the taps. Short, quick taps work the best here and you should try to master them too. Don’t go for the long and chaotic taps, you will soon lose control of the game and will have to start over.

4. Ignore your score
Keeping an eye on the score will only distract you and a millisecond of distraction is enough to get a game over message. So only focus on the game itself and that bottom pipe you have to worry about!

5. Stay cool
Basically, this goes hand in hand with the advice above. Try to stay cool and focused at all times. The second you get too excited and your heart starts beating faster and you think that you’ll break the world record at this game, you will fail. So keep cool and keep going.

6. Practice, Practice, Practice
You won’t be good at this game after the first try. You won’t be good at Splashy Fish after the 10th or 100th try. You need to practice and play a lot if you want to be good. So do it – practice, take breaks, breathe and stay cool. The biggest score you have ever scored is in sight!

And these would be our Splashy Fish tips and tricks for getting the ultimate high score. Do you have other advice for fellow addicts? Share them with us below!


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