How to Win Flappy Bird: Tips, Tricks and Guide

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Flappy Bird is taking the app world by storm and everybody seems to turn into an addict. However, there are very few people who manage to win the game, and we’re here to help you be on of those. All you have to do is read our article, how to win Flappy Bird, with tips and tricks that will guide you through the game, help you stay calm and relaxed and get the most out of this title – including that apparently impossible to get Platinum Medal.

So if you’re ready to become better at the game, let’s check out below the Flappy Bird tips and tricks for winning!

1. Balance the flapping

There are two types of players: those who tap too often and those who don’t tap often enough. Don’t be any of these types and try to find the right balance. You don’t have to tap too often, because you risk hitting the pipes, nor wait for too long because you will go nose down to game over. Go for quick, short taps because these give you the least height and adjust their number according to the height of the incoming pipes.

2. Stick to the middle
Always trying to be as close to the middle of the screen as possible helps you get from down to top fast enough, or from the top to a bottom pipe. There won’t be many situations this extreme, though, and instead sticking to the middle will be the wisest choice.

3. Take breaks and relax
I don’t know about you, but I get extremely angry playing Flappy Bird and it was the first game that made me seriously consider dropping my device from the top story of the building. And when you are frustrated and tired you will perform even worse. So take breaks, as difficult as this might seem, relax and come back after a while – it’s usually that moment when you get a new high score and you can be proud of yourself.

4. Play on the iPad
If you have a choice between playing the game on the tablet or the iPhone, go for the tablet because a bigger screen gives you a better perspective and makes everything easier.

5. Keep your eyes moisturized
This might sound silly, but try to blink quickly between games to keep your eyes moisturized. Usually, you will blink very little during the game, which will tire your eyes more quickly and in return you’ll be worse at Flappy Bird.

6. Avoid distractions
There is nothing more important than playing Flappy Bird when you start a game, so avoid any distractions. Don’t talk to other people, don’t listen to music, don’t watch TV, don’t do anything else. The game requires you to be 100% there in order to make it.

7. Don’t look at the score
As soon as you get a new highscore you die. Why? Because you get overly excited and that’s when you lose the game because you lose focus. Instead, don’t even look at the high score, remain calm and relaxed and you’ll get as far as possible.

8. Platinum level is possible

So, you think it’s impossible to get a platinum reward without cheating? The folks at Modojo did it and recorded a video, showing that is indeed possible:

Now that’s enough for motivation, so get out there and win Flappy Bird once and for all!


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