Threes! Cheats: Tips, Strategy and Guide for This Amazing Game

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Threes! is a brilliant game. I never enjoyed maths at school and I never believed that I will get to love a game where I have to match numbers, but for some reason this one does it right. And if you want to do it right too, check out out Threes! cheats article with tips and tricks for a perfect score. Basically, you have here a complete Threes! strategy guide helping you get the most out of those numbers. For real.

1. Match small cards first
I know that the idea of Threes! is to get as many high cards as possible, but you can’t get there if you don’t match the small cards. So a good strategy is to match them first and slowly work your way up. Why does this work? Because usually the cards that you will get after each swipe are low value cards and therefore it makes it easier to match.

2. Master the gaps
The gameplay element that makes this title so amazing is the fact that when you swipe, you move the whole board and not just a line or column. So master the gaps, because they offer you the difference between a high score and an useless run. For example, if you have three pieces on the right and four on the left, after swiping left, just three pieces will move. Use this to your advantage and plan your moves carefully!

3. Try out moves before making them
If you slowly slide to any side but don’t lift your finger off the screen, you will get a chance to see how would that move turn our. So if you’re running out of ideas, try this in all directions and see what move would be the best for you. It saved my board on many occasions!

4. Minimum moves for maximum gains
It rarely is a good idea to make more than two moves in order to get a match, even if we’re talking about big numbers. The more moves you make, the more pieces will come into play and the higher the chances that you won’t be able to use them to your advantage. So always try to minimize the number of matches before you make your move.

5. Anticipate and plan the incoming tile
White pieces are almost always threes – even though you can also get a 6 or a 12. Colored pieces have their own value, so make sure that you plan your moves accordingly. The idea is that a new piece will come from the direction of your swipe, so if possible, try to move the board in such a way that you line up similar cards.

6. Practice makes perfect
If you keep playing the game, you’ll get better at it. And despite this truth, make sure to take breaks too. Threes! is a game that uses a lot of brain power on your side and a rested mind helps with the strategy. But keep practicing to get that amazing high score!

Have you managed to get over 10,000 in Threes? My highest score is close to 7,000 but I am sure that using this tips and tricks and staying focused will help me get to the top.


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