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Sim City Deluxe is the mobile adaptation of the classic simulation game; you know, that one where you send twisters and fires raging through a city? It incorporates the basic elements that makes the game but nothing more, no disasters, no advance options and none of those special little things that made the PC version so great. The whole app feels like a corporate to build hype for the PC game, charging over the standard 99c for something incomplete and utterly disappointing.

The Graphics are mediocre and poorly coded, the app is slow to change the detail level and is detrimental to the entire feel of the game; why play something that is awkward in the first place when it is displeasing to look at? These poor graphics are accompanied by touchy controls that simply do not befit the clumsy touch screen on the Idevice, there are many small, troublesome buttons and complex gestures that must be mastered before any fun can be had.

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The streamlined and polished feel that comes with other simcity games isn’t there, you are forced to muck around trying to place objects in the right spot and get everything connected. There is too many things to try and learn at once and the small screen of an Idevice is not the place to learn them as you fidget around trying to figure it out. Any gamer new to the series can expect a steep learning curve and may want a friend (or the internet) to help them out.

Wait, What? ALIENS?
Wait, What? ALIENS?

Sim City is game that doesn’t meet the standards for today’s gaming society being overpriced and having no polish or extra features than could improve this game greatly.  Once the steep learning curve is overcome and you begin to manage your city efficiently you can spend hours tapping away building and improving your ever developing city. But I do not believe the game meets the price tag let alone the the huge expectations I had for this IOS adaptations, an overall disappointment.


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