SimCity Deluxe Cheats, Tips and Tricks (iPhone)

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If you are having problems getting the hang of Sim City Deluxe, we come to your aid with some cheats, as well as tips and tricks to help you create a solid strategy for a perfect city. We know, this particular game might not be the easiest around, but with these SimCity Deluxe cheats and tips, things will get a lot easier!

So let’s start with a set of tips and tricks:

Maintaining your city’s funds and making a good start

Maintaining an efficient city and keeping in surplus can be very hard and the tutorial may be misleading. If you try to overload your city to be immediately awesome (build all the services up front) it will not take long for you to plunge into a huge deficit.

If you follow the rule of not building any service that has an upkeep unless you have sufficient budget surplus to cover that upkeep, you should avoid the most serious of financial problems. Exceptions can be applied if the situation is urgent, such as power or water shortages, and for the first few vital services, such as a fire station to avoid early disasters.

This may mean your city will start of with unhappy, uneducated and unhealthy sims, but fully formed city’s are never found from nothing. Over time, as you improve the city, your earnings from tax will rise (As larger and higher density resident, business’s and industries begin to move in) forming a positive loop that allows you to improve the city further, and so on.

So, step one is drop some residential zone and get those first people jobs. After they begin to pay tax begin to slowly improve their lives, then expand and repeat. It will take time and effort, but the fully fledged and awesome city you where hoping for will finally be developed.

Enabling Money Making Ordinances and Tax Rates

To generate income your sims are required to pay tax, a reasonable tax rate is 8% for residential, at this rate your sims won’t be angry and are paying you a reasonable sum of money. To further your income it is possible to enable certain ordinances, simply go into the decisions menu and select ordinances like parking fines and legalized gambling; these can be disabled at a later date when your city is fully functional.

Provide Ample Services

Once your city is off to a good start it is important to improve your sims lives with services like schools, emergency response buildings and most importantly transport. Your city will not develop to its full capacity if sims are uneducated and unhealthy, building hospitals and schools will improve thier quality of life and in turn improve your bank statement. Without roads sims will be unable to get reach their destinations and cause the abandoning of many homes and buildings you have spent thousands of dollars on. Remember to be careful providing these services and makes sure you can account for their upkeep.

And If All Else Fails…

You can cheat! Simply shake your device and a menu will come up asking for any cheat codes you any want to enter. Here are some ones we’ve found-


i am weak – All buildings, zones, utilities, infrastructure, trees, and water are free.
i love red tape – All ordinances become available. Unknown side-effects (not verified): Cityhall description becomes “Miles and Miles of Red Tape”.
call cousin Vinnie – After typing this code, you will see a Local Fundraising Event appear in the Meet window. He’ll offer you some cash, and if you accept the deal, he’ll give you a large wad of cash. You can only use this code once.
zyxwvu – Type in this code after rejecting the Local Fundraising deal obtained by typing “call cousin Vinnie”. You will be rewarded with the SimCity Castle, which will appear in the Rewards window. The castle will boost land value and increase aura. Plus, it sure beats the mayor’s house (provided your ego can fit into it).
garbage in, garbage out – All garbage buildings become available regardless of year.
power to the masses – All power plants become available regardless of year.
water in the desert – All water facilities become available regardless of year.
pay tribute to your king – All rewards and opportunities become available. However, the GigaMall and casino do not appear to be included.
nerdz rool – High tech industry overtakes existing industry
let’s make a deal – All of your petitioners to whom you have connections to starting making deals with you.
UFO Swarm – After entering this cheat, start a UFO disaster. You’ll be overwhelmed by more UFOs than you can shake a SimStick at. You may want to call agents Mulder and Scully after using this cheat.
the birds – A flock of birds fly over your city.
force Moe to say [insert text here] – Makes Moe say whatever you put in the [insert text here] space. You can also use this cheat for Mortimer, Constance, Maria, Randall, Gus, and Karen.
salt on – Makes the deep oceanic water in your city turn into salt water (i.e., coasts)
salt off – Makes all the water in your city turn into fresh water.

And these are our tips and tricks, along with a hot series of cheats to help you get the most out of SimCity Deluxe for iPhone


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