Roblox Strong Muscle Simulator Codes [March 2023]

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Another fun Roblox game that is rising in popularity is Strong Muscle Simulator, for which I got the codes so you can have even more fun.

Get your codes for Strong Muscle Simulator before they expire so you can get a bit of a boost in-game. I’ll be keeping you up to date with all Roblox Strong Muscle Simulator codes, as soon as they release new ones.

Write down these codes and redeem them fast so you can enjoy these free rewards that will help you advance faster.

Redeem Roblox Strong Muscle Simulator Codes

Very easy to remember, but still make sure you don’t misspell any of them. Roblox Strong Muscle Simulator will become more fun to play after you redeem these codes.

  • HELL – Redeem this code to get 15,000 muscle
  • RELEASE – Redeem this code to get 15,000 muscle
  • POG – Redeem this code to get 100,000 gems
  • HUGE – Redeem this code to get 30,000 muscle

New updates, fixing bugs, any changes, or reaching milestones usually come with new codes with rewards that can improve your game. So keep an eye out for it, and come back here for an updated post.

How to Redeem Roblox Strong Muscle Simulator Codes

Roblox is a pretty straightforward game. And Strong Muscle Simulator is suitable for all ages. Which makes it easy to play and handle commands.

1. Open your Roblox Strong Muscle Simulator game and click on the Gift icon on the left.
2. The Shop window will pop up and you need to scroll down to the end where it says Redeem Game Codes and click on it.
3. Write your code in the new text box and click Redeem.
4. Enjoy your rewards. Yes, this is a very important step you should not miss.

Now that you’re all set, assuming you wrote the codes down appropriately unless they do not work because they expired, you can keep playing the game with your new boost.

How to Get More Roblox Strong Muscle Simulator Codes

The easiest way is to bookmark this page and I’ll update the codes for Roblox Strong Muscle Simulator whenever I get a chance.

If you check back with this article after an update of the game, you might get lucky and see new codes and an update list, in case any expired in the meantime.

Another good way to stay in touch with new codes is to follow their Twitter page TPC Games. But if you join their Discord server TPC Games, you get more than codes, you also can get to chat with other players enjoying the game.


These codes for Roblox Strong Muscle Simulator are not going to last too long. Get them before they expire so you can enjoy the game more.

You can always get more Roblox codes in my previous article on Anime Weapons Simulator, a fun game that gets better with the free rewards you can get.

If you’re looking for something better, might want to try the Roblox EartScape Tycoon article and the codes there. Is as fun as any popular Roblox game.


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