Roblox Ohio Codes [NEW CODES]

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The story of this game is pretty simple. You’re in Ohio, but the best way to be in Ohio is to be rich. Grab these Roblox Ohio codes to get weapon rewards and other fun gifts that can improve your game.

Weapons make everything better, right? And living in Roblox Ohio without weapons is pure suicide.

Check out these Roblox Ohio codes to put your hands on some cool rewards to help you advance in this game faster.

Redeem Roblox Ohio Codes

Make sure you don’t misspell any of these Roblox Ohio codes. If some don’t work, though I doubt it, it might mean they expired. I do tend to update them every chance I get.

  • BURN – Redeem to get Molotov Cocktail
  • IGOTAGUN – Redeem to get M1911 Pistol
  • ITSASIGN – Redeem to get Sign
  • NINJA – Redeem to get Shuriken
  • PEPPERSPRAY – Redeem to get Pepper Spray
  • STOP – Redeem to get a Stop Sign (Melee Weapon)
  • TASER – Redeem to get Taser Weapon
  • TOMAHAWK – Redeem to get Tomahawk Axe
  • TROLLAAGE – Redeem to get Paint

Grab these codes before the creators take them out. I’m sure you’ll find lots of things you can buy with the money from them.

How to Redeem Roblox Ohio Codes

These easy steps you have to follow in order to redeem these codes are very similar to most Roblox games.

1. Enter the game to be able to redeem your codes.
2. Click the phone on the bottom left of the screen.
3. Open the Twitter app in-game (the icon with a blue square with the white bird inside)
4. Enter a working code and click redeem to enjoy the rewards.

Enjoy the sweet rewards. Wished it was this easy in real life as well. Check back here for updates after the game updates. They might release new codes.

Hot to Get More Roblox Ohio Codes

It’s all about the money! And when the money runs out you always need more, just like in real life, Roblox Ohio works the same way.

One way to stay up to date whenever they release new codes is to bookmark this page. I’ll update this article from time to time with new codes. Especially after a new game update, or when they reach new goals or milestones.

They also have a Twitter page you can keep in touch with. Follow DevvGames on Twitter to get notifications of every one of their posts.

Another way to keep informed about new codes for Roblox Ohio is by joining their Discord server Ohio. This way you can talk with other players as well and maybe meet inside the game.


If you enjoy Roblox Ohio as much as everyone else, you should make sure you redeem all the codes, so that you can have even more fun while playing.

These codes for Roblox Ohio come with different amounts of cash and cool items. Don’t hesitate to redeem your codes now, before they decide on pulling them off from the game.

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