Roblox Escape Room Walkthrough All Levels

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Welcome to our guide on Roblox Escape Room, a game about solving puzzles and riddles to get out of locked rooms.

In this game, you need to look closely at clues, think smart, and solve tricky puzzles to find your way out.

I’ll show you how to beat the puzzles, give you hints when things get tough, and help you escape from every room in the game.

Roblox Escape Room Level 1 Walkthrough

Roblox Escape Room Level 1
  • Go through the painting by jumping right into it.

Roblox Escape Room Level 2 Walkthrough

  • Keep pressing E while facing the computer.
  • A secret door will open and you need to go through and get the coin as well.

Roblox Escape Room Level 3 Walkthrough

  • Press the 4 blue buttons, one of them will open the door (mine was second from left to right)

Roblox Escape Room Level 4 Walkthrough

  • Go through the painting but not all the way through and look around.
  • It says that the chairs look suspicious and you should sit and think.
  • When you jump off the chair you’ll be in the next level already.

Roblox Escape Room Level 5 Walkthrough

  • Here you go up the stairs and through the first window.

Roblox Escape Room Level 6 Walkthrough

  • Open the secret place behind the bookshelf (holding E) and then climb on the highest stack of books to press E again.
  • That will open up the wall and you’ll be able to go through.

Roblox Escape Room Level 7 Walkthrough

  • You need to walk around the dark room until an E shows up, it’s in front of the NPC here, then press it.
  • The button in the second dark room is to the middle right, and enter the new light door.
  • Now go back to the first dark room and search to the left of the entrance from the Level 6.
  • Now go back to the third dark room and you’ll see a hole in the wall.

Roblox Escape Room Level 8 Walkthrough

  • Jump from rock to rock to make it to the other side.

Roblox Escape Room Level 9 Walkthrough

  • Go to the fireplace and climb the stairs up to reach the next level.

Roblox Escape Room Level 10 Walkthrough

  • Go towards the fan, but turn left to the hidden fan and go through it.

Roblox Escape Room Level 11 Walkthrough

  • Go through the painting.

Roblox Escape Room Level 12 Walkthrough

  • Jump from crate to crate then climb the stairs.

Roblox Escape Room Level 13 Walkthrough

  • Open the first drawer next to the entry point and take the key inside.
  • Use it to open the door and move to the next level.

Roblox Escape Room Level 14 Walkthrough

  • Jump on the rock and look down so when you jump you can aim for the rock underneath.
  • Then continue your rock jumping to reach level 15.

Roblox Escape Room Level 15 Walkthrough

  • Now walk the path avoiding the rocks, flames, and water to get through the crack in the wall.

Roblox Escape Room Level 16 Walkthrough

  • Don’t step on any white surface and follow the trail.

Roblox Escape Room Level 17 Walkthrough

  • One of the single boxes next to the glass, if you face it with your back turned to the glass, it will take you down.

Roblox Escape Room Level 18 Walkthrough

  • Do the parkour challenge and reach the next level.

Roblox Escape Room Level 19 Walkthrough

  • Follow the path and go up the stairs to go through the labyrinth.
  • Follow the red arrow straight through the black wall.
  • Then go to the right arrow.
  • Keep following the only arrows you see until you reach the two arrows, one straight and one to the right.
  • Take the right arrow and again go towards the only arrows available to reach the end of the maze.

Roblox Escape Room Level 20 Walkthrough

  • Avoid the red lines and press E to get a ladder, now go back the same way to reach it and get up.

To be continued…

I’m slowly getting through all the levels and I will be updating them as soon as I can, to help you finish the game.

Keep a close watch for more levels and how to get past them.


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