Pictoword: Level 36 – Level 50 Answers

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It seems that the puzzles in Pictoword get more and more difficult as we progress through the levels and it kind of makes sense after all. You don’t have to worry too much though as we are here once again to help you with the Pictoword answers and share with you the correct solutions to level 36 – level 50 puzzles and help you go a long way in the game.

We also have answers for the previous levels and you can check them out by clicking the links below:

Now here are the new answers for level 36 to 50:

Pictoword answers: Level 36

pictoword level 36 answer

Pens and Knees: Penny

Pictoword answers: Level 37

pictoword level 37 answer

Moon and bar: spacebar

Pictoword answers: Level 38

pictoword level 38 answer

Peas and electricity (pole): People

Pictoword answers: Level 39

pictoword level 39 answer

Cell and phone: cellphone

Pictoword answers: Level 40

pictoword level 40 answer

Santa Claus holding kid on his lap and top: Laptop

Pictoword answers: Level 41

pictoword level 41 answer

Bird and walk: jaywalk (the bird is a Jay!)

Pictoword answers: Level 42

pictoword level 42 answer

Milk and handshake: milkshake

Pictoword answers: Level 43

pictoword level 43 answer

Spy and glass: Spyglass

Pictoword answers: Level 44

pictoword level 44 answer

Ice and box: Icebox

Pictoword answers: Level 45

pictoword level 45 answer

Lights and garlic: Lightbulb

Pictoword answers: Level 46

pictoword level 46 answer

Knight and Horses (mare): Nightmare

Pictoword answers: Level 47

pictoword level 47 answer

Snow and Globe: Snowglobe

Pictoword answers: Level 48

pictoword level 48 answer

Net and Office (work): Network

Pictoword answers: Level 49

pictoword level 49 answer

Tea and pots: Teapot

Pictoword answers: Level 50

pictoword level 50 answer

Door and weight: Doorway

Wow! There were some really tough puzzles here, including the last one which was hard to guess… At the moment of writing, this is as far as we managed to get and it’s getting pretty late here to keep playing, but as soon as we have more levels solved, we’ll update the blog, so keep checking back!


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