One More Line Cheats: Tips, Tricks and Strategy Guide

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One More Line is that type of frustrating, seemingly impossible game that you play over and over again, only to realize that it’s not that impossible, after all and that you can really go farther than the first obstacle. But this takes time, patience and dedication and a bit of One More Line cheats and tips – and at this chapter we’re here to help!

So if you have problems getting to even more than 30 points in the game, or you simply want some strategy advice on how to get the most out of this insane title, check out our One More Line tips and cheats below and you’ll get a lot better. Probably. Hopefully.

Free ride
All the way to 15-17 points, you can usually go pretty safe without doing anything. I usually ignore anything on the screen and tap it as soon as I get to 17 points. This saves you a lot of time and gives you a nice head start!

How to escape the narrow circles
To be honest, I don’t have much control over when and how large the circles created by my character are. Most frustrating used to be that moment when my character only created a very narrow circle and turned at incredible speed. I found a way out for most cases: release and tap the screen again, immediately. Usually, unless you are on extremities and smash into a wall, you will catch onto the same platform, but get a larger and much slower circle. Do this and you’ll get far!

Circle to circle
Initially, my strategy was to go as much as possible without connecting to the platforms. Obviously, that didn’t work to well and I changed it completely: now I catch on every circle that I get in my way, and it works a lot better. At least better than hoping that my reflexes won’t fail me at those insane speeds.

Anticipate the direction
Ideally, you will release your character and it will move where you plan it to go. In reality, things will be completely different, but it doesn’t hurt to plan a little bit and release when it’s on a perfect trajectory. You have more control when you are on larger circles, so re-read tip #2 and play it right.

Keep practicing
For the first 2-3 minutes, when I was close to going for a rage quit, I didn’t get past 21 points. Then I slowly started to move forward, learning the things I shared with you above and seeing how things work in the game. So keep playing One More Line (you know that you want to!) and you’ll get better. Practice makes perfect.

Do you have other One More Line tips or maybe some cheats to share with us? Let us know by commenting below!


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  1. A yo what’s good, Hood?! (Greetings and salutations) Thanks for the tips, and whatnot. I’ve been searching quite a few search results in order to determine whether or not anyone has discovered and utilized a technique that a family member and I have been succeeding at lately. We simply call this, the straightaway.

    By grappling onto a node and releasing precisely when you’re aiming vertically parallel to one of the walls, preferably as close to one as possible, you can almost gain up to 90 or more points without even having to grapple or run into another node. This requires much practice to perfect, considering the fact that mastering a straight line without even a degree of a perpindicular tilt is the most challenging to accomplish, while being the main objective.

    We don’t necessarily take credit for this method, since I have yet to discover if anyone else has stated this commonly ideal strategy. However, I am beginning to believe we are the pioneers of this brilliant idea! Either way, perhaps someone esle is bound to have already done so. I hope you and anyone reading finds this useful.

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