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Apple are preparing a big surprise in 2015 for MacBook Air lovers: a new model of the MacBook Air is prepared for launch later this year, a model that is – believe it or not – thinner and lighter than the previous ones and also comes in a sweet 12-inch size.

The new MacBook Air will be more compact and will look really smooth, but in order to deliver the thinner and lighter experience, it will also have to ditch some things that might upset some people: full-sized USB ports, MagSafe connectors, and SD card slots.

And because it’s Apple that we’re talking about, they have managed to make the 12-inch MacBook Air to be actually narrower than the 11-inch model, although it will be a bit taller – which is normal because that display size can’t be reduced. Keys will be closer to each other and the keyboard sits edge-to-edge across the width of the laptop to allow for this and I don’t think many people will mind. My large fingers might, but with a bit of practice, I am sure that anybody can get used with this.

9to5mac‘s artist Michael Steeber has created some renditions of the upcoming 12-inch Macbook Air that show just how amazing the upcoming laptop from Apple might actually be. Please have in mind that these are NOT official designs and the actual product might look different:

macbook air 12 inch 01

macbook air 12 inch 02

macbook air 12 inch 03

Don’t forget to check out the source cited above for more photos and details about this upcoming MacBook Air, ready for launch sometime in 2015.


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